Friday, 2 January 2015

Holiday 2014: The Films that you only watch on TV at your parents house

So another year has come and gone, I will eulogise about 2014 at a later date but it represented an important milestone for me in several ways, the end of it is proving to be equally eventful as I'm currently in the process of moving out, hence the lack of output again. However as well as working a lot over the holidays I got a few chances to slump in the living room for a collectively longer time than I ever do the rest of the year. During this extraordinary time I watched a bunch of films I wouldn't normally and I've decided I'm gonna review a choice cut of the ones I enjoyed more than you'd expect.

Starting with....

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Late And Poorly Executed Message To Wish You All A Happy Christmas

Because the article is a bit of a downer for a Christmas greeting, I tried to find a picture of a cute animal involved in Christmas type stuff to make it uplifting.

But this cat just looks like it wants to be tied up in that hat and thrown into the nearest canal

Yesterday, I was ignored in a Pandora store because I was greasy and was wearing a dirty skiing jacket. I was surrounded by loving couples, it was the day before Christmas eve and walking up to the counter, I stared right into the eyes of the cashier; only for her to turn away and go and serve a nice looking couple. Because it's a jewellery store, everything is kept behind glass, so unable to purchase anything and having waited for 30 minutes, I finally left the shop and went home.

I suppose my physical appearance wasn't the best, but that wasn't entirely my fault as I hadn't showered for several days because my boiler is broken this Christmas, and having a bath in a bucket using water from the kettle isn't exactly the best experience.