Thursday, 18 December 2014

How David Cameron's War On Porn Is A Threat To Freedom

The UK is a bit of a juxtaposed mess of Liberalism at the moment. Within a year gay marriage has been legalised, yet within the last month, strict regulations have been brought down on UK produced pornography. There look to be significant changes to the law granting greater control over people's right to die, and yet it is now quite common to have many websites blocked by your Internet Service Provider, if you're surfing the net in the UK.

You might read those and think that I'm being uneven comparing the right for terminal patients to commit suicide in order to ease their own pain, and the fact that now women can't ejaculate on camera in a UK produced porno. You'd be right in noticing that these two things have nothing to do with one another and it's ludicrous that they should ever have to be compared.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Let's Watch A Random Foreign Soap Opera - Detective Di Renjie (Chinese Soap)

I suppose in many ways this has become one of my favourite activities to waste away my mostly quite dull life. We continue on our journey/poorly executed attempt at learning/ignorance as we watch a Chinese soap opera about a detective Di Renjie and his hi-jinks in olden day China.

Having been perplexed by the story, I can't give you any hints about what to look for. So you're on your own there. Bonus points if you can even work out who the hell Di Renjie is. We got it down to 3 blokes.

Remember it's not racist if you smother it under the guise of trying to be entertaining.

Cynicast #16 - Pirate Bay Shut Down And The Pope Claims All Dogs Go To Heaven

It's back. But does anyone care? That's for our 2 listeners to decide amongst themselves.

In this episode we're going into some of the more notable proper news stories this week. We look into Pope Francis's claims that all dogs go to heaven, and talk in detail about the Pirate Bay closure. We also discuss the poor current state of UK censorship in general.

Then moving far away from actual news, we also chat about the mess that has become the Assassin's Creed franchise and finish with a bit of the old JJ Abrams attacking.

Hope you enjoy it anyway. We're getting closer to our goal of only releasing these on the weekend. Tuesday night is close enough for now.