Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rolf Harris and ISIS. Yeah I Know Those Things Aren't Related Shut Up


Well Looks Like We Might As Well Arrest the Entire 1970’s and ‘80’s

  Rolf fucking Harris. Rolfie. Why man, you painted the Queen. Yeah, turns out that the Jimmy Savile tactic of “dress and act like a sex predator” wasn’t a universal one, as the previously treasured Australian has been convicted of various bad things. Operation Yewtree claims another scalp from the era of glam-rock where the only thing bigger than the hair was the piles of cocaine.

Sometimes the two collided

   With the latest conviction, a man previously a more comfortable and charming figure than Stephen Fry has been proven to be gross and weird. Which lauded childhood entertainers and heroes are next? Are Bodger and Badger going to be hauled in for chaining Thai prostitutes in a camper van? Was Neil Buchanan actually getting inspiration for his Big Art Attacks from his LSD manufacturing ring powered by the kids that lost Jungle Run? Will Lizo from Newsround be killed in a shoot-out with Mexican border agents as he tries to run guns to the cartels? What the flying fuck is going on?