Friday, 4 July 2014

Comic Book Cinematic Universe 102: Opportunism, DC: Batman Vs Superman

So it turns out when two of your three writers are moving house, they don't write anything. As you can tell by the lack of content this was something I hadn't fully clocked onto. But now I'm here I believe they should both have internet back by the end of next week. If not then heaven help me. My next article was going to be out a few days ago and all about Robin Thicke and Rolf Harris, but I've decided I fancy something lighter than that barrell of laughs so expect that next week. Back to Comic Books. 

I refer you back to the mythical chart. Top Right today.

Also, what better day to cover the all-American Man of Steel himself than American Independence Day? I imagine the answer is literally any other day because here in Britain the closest we will get is those snide comments about how it was actually signed on the 2nd, or how we burnt down the White House once, or occupied New York for a few decades, which actually makes them sound quite bitter on reflection. I also have a bar shift tonight, I will report back as to whether I have any Independence Day revellers, or indeed revilers. I could definitely write an article on the weird drunken confiding I've had already.