Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Microsoft Ditches the Best Halo Games, Or; Scraping a Personality From Where There is None

Halo 5: Guardians, apart from continuing the current trend for everything with a title needing a colon, looks set to continue the story of the Xbox Mascot, Master Chief. Why has this quite literally faceless space marine become so popular, and why has Microsoft cut ties with the two finest instalments in the series, purely because they don’t feature The Big Green Dude?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Comic Book Cinematic Universe 101: Opportunism, X-Men

Oh man, I bet you guys thought this was going to be about the European Elections. Well, so did I, then I realised I'm way too bummed out, and perhaps even TOO cynical to deal with that right now. So we are taking a break to focus on something lighthearted and meaningless before we get down to the crippling rise of exclusionary politics that threatens to halt all liberal progress. So until that time, lets laugh at some fatcats trying to profit off of Comic Books and how it should and shouldn't be done.

Welcome to Cinematic Universe Continuity 101: First Lecture, Opportunism.

Here is a handy graph that took me all of 5 minutes to make, so you can bet I'll use it a lot. 

So Opportunism in and of itself isn't a bad thing. Germany took the 'opportunity' to reunite at the end of the Cold War and that worked perfectly well, and some of the greater achievements of Capitalism have been based on opportunism. The ugly side also exists, both of that Capitalism comparison and, to name a very relevant one at the moment, the aforementioned political opportunism of UKIP and other parties. I noticed during X-Men: Days of Future Past that it had definitely filled the hole I had been looking for while seeking to make a unified theory on Cinematic Continuity. You can take the fact I had time to plan this article 2/3rds of the way through the film as a minor indictment of its pacing issues. 

Spoilers ahead, but like, nothing mind blowing