Thursday, 24 April 2014

Snap Chatting And First Loves With A Side Order Of Bullshit

Running straight into a wall from the get go with a completely unrelated opening paragraph, but what the hell is up with hayfever? I'm in a room, it's a lovely day outside but as per the requirement of not feeling like shit, all the windows are tightly shut. It's boiling in here and I hate it, but it's the only thing I can do given that all the hayfever pills in the shop are sold out and I don't have to fan to cool the room. And yet, I'm still ill. Where is the pollen? How is it getting in here? I know pollen is small but it can't be squeezing in here. Also, I thought pollen only travelled on the breeze of the wind. I don't believe that any more. I think pollen has a covert and malicious nature to actively hunt me wherever I may try and escape.

Maybe I'm just allergic to the sun and just always assumed it was hayfever. I've spent enough time cooped up in rooms with the curtains closed for it to be possible for the sight of sunlight to have become disgusting to me on the violent physical level. But oh well, I guess today is going to be a bad day. The only solace I can take from that is that it's at least not an interesting bad day, so I can't remember it vividly enough for it to traumatize me in the future. It can just fall back in with the general mass of bad days that I can vaguely regret on my death bed.