Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Site Update: What About Cynics acquired by Myspace for £10,000 and a shit ton of Green Tea.

Welcome to this totally not fake news announcement, because it is April 2nd, and the only time people can lie and it be funny on the internet isn't today. So you have nothing to fear of being duped. In completely related news, we have a big site announcement.

As of March the 31st 2014, we were in intense talks with Tom of Myspace fame, primarily we wanted to know what his second name was, but secondarily we also wanted shit tons of money so we could keep doing what we've always done. While we are none-the-wiser as to his second name, or if he even runs Myspace anymore, we can proudly announce that as of April 7th this will be your new What About Cynics.

Yeah, we had no idea the Myspace logo had changed either. But three little stick figures? Coincidence, I think not. Tom Myspacesen clearly had this planned for a while.
(I'll draw a Butler one day soon I promise)

But do not worry, very little will be changing at the What About Cynics you inexplicably know and even more inexplicably seem to tolerate. Listed below are the few changes.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Let's Play: Goat Simulator

Hello lovelies, Goat Simulator was released, I have it, I love it, here's a video in honour of it. Keep the love, Butler.