Friday, 28 March 2014

A Few Of The Better Spam Comments We've Recieved On The Website

Well I haven't written anything in a while so thought that I'd pop back in and dump something down to lay my mark on what is an admittedly lacking territory. Everything has been slightly derailed writing wise by the fact that I've now managed to film the short film I was making, but have now hit the even greater hurdle of having to edit, compose and special effects the entire thing; which is a mission much more tedious and less fulfilling than actually filming. This has caused two issues in that I haven't played or read anything that I can be annoyed about, while also making me less willing to edit the podcast me and Aaron made last week. This is because I have spent most of the past week in editing software and more of it seemed like a pornstar's sex life; the replacement of busman's holiday that I want to be enforced since people haven't really gone on holiday by bus in a few decades.

So in the mental equivalent of grabbing the first thing around, I was alerted by my email about a new comment on the site. This comment however wasn't one posted by one of our followers, all of who are surprisingly lucid for people on niche blogs on the net, but was instead sent by a bot. Now anyone reading this will probably not have seen one of these bot commentators, but don't be fooled that this is not because me or anyone else is so on the ball that we delete them as soon as they sprout in order to keep our precious comments area free from clutter. This clearance is all thanks to Google's amazing filtering software that manages to be able to separate a poorly translated recommendation for a malware infested big tits site, from some retard that tries to link you to the porn blog they made using the very limited communication skills that they possess. If you go on some of the more extreme subreddits on reddit, you'll know that the difference is worryingly hard to define, but somehow Google's machines are purely capable of it. I guess that just means that they understand people better than I do, which would be more worrying to me if I wasn't already highly sceptical of my ability to interact successfully with other humans.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Our Majesty’s Scientists Recover Video Logs from Another Dimension! Theolonius Gladstone Reports.

Greetings fellow science enthusiasts, as some of you may be aware, the Magisterial Commission for People's Science recently had a breakthrough in their quantum tunneling experiments, and managed to access a rudimentary electronic interface in an existence parallel to our own! Most of the data has been secured in the Memory, but I am excited to bring you a small selection, which depicts a terrifying existence, where mass ownership of firearms is necessary to simply survive, or even to travel. Iraqveteran8888 is our guide.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Natalia Poklonskaya: A Sweet Part of the otherwise Unpleasant Crimea/Ukraine Crisis.

Hello Cynics, now today's article, marking the end of my essay marathon was supposed to be about films that Harvey could make next, but that has been postponed, as I've finally found an article I can write on Ukraine/Crimea that won't get me sent death threats for indulging in Geopolitics!  Isn't that swell. Also, now essays are done I can get back to replying and video uploading; full steam ahead. Anyway, so here we go, I introduce to you Natalia Poklonskaya, Attorney General of the 'Republic of Crimea'.

(Also thanks to all of you, we are now generally passing 500 views a day <3)

Now even as someone who considers himself to be rather neutral in these matters, I can't deny that Miss Poklonskaya is strikingly beautiful and looks to be quite the strong character. Ergo the Internet's reaction has been positively ecstatic towards her. Videos of her announcements have each ranked well past 300,000 views in a matter of days and it isn't just limited to aesthetic appreciation.