Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Five Go Christian Hunting: Let’s Read (and get mad heated about the racial and social implications of) “The Roman Mysteries: The Code Of Romulus"

No video this week I'm afraid guys, bit busy with dull university stuff. Speaking of...

As some of you may have gathered, me and Aaron both go to the same University. Next year, the campus we are both currently on is being sold off to some yuppie cunts to make into trendy twatty housing or something, so all the lecturers are having to empty their offices to move into their new ones.

An unexpected benefit to this, a lot of the books they no longer want, or the library didn’t think were needed, are now on some shelves in the SU bar, where we can help ourselves. I’ve taken to rooting through this looking for weird books, and after missing the chance to take home The Joy of Sex for One (complete with diagrams) I picked up this odd little book which seems to be The Famous Five, but with added slavery and discrimination against Jews.

Join me as I take a sojourn through it’s pages and pick apart a person’s labour of love for no real reason but spite and some forced humour. Fuck yeah!