Saturday, 8 March 2014

The National Archive: Kew Review

Hello Cynics and happy IWD, it has been a week since my birthday and 2 days since I handed in my last essay so I've decided to take part of the day off to write you an article. Also as you may have noticed I've recruited the finest specimen of an internet Cynic I know not already affiliated to the site, his name is Butler and I'll be uploading some videos of us shortly. In all seriousness the 3rd year of Uni is currently knocking me for six, I've got something like 16,000 words to write over the next month and a half. I'm going to try and do one article a week but I can't promise much. Anyway, enough dour, onto the writing.

Now here at What About Cynics we don't believe you can't break new ground, we are also realists, and have worked out that any ground that hasn't been broken by 2014 is either really hard to break, or not worth breaking at all, and we always gravitate towards the latter. As such, I give you the first ever pop-culture review of the British National Archives! (Literally all I've done these past few weeks)

Welcome to the British Star-Fleet Academy.

So The National Archives is a triumph of liberalism, a bastion of heritage, of culture and of knowledge. Here, for free, any man or woman of the British Crown can walk in and after a brief induction look at anything from who their dad killed in the war to the oldest and most treasured documents of our nation. How do you review such a fantastic waste of tax-payer money, a place so utterly white it comes with it's own lake full of swans, located squarely in the middle of London Suburbia.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Let's Play Kitty Luv

A further look into the *insert animal name* Luv series that people regularly buy me as a joke Birthday present now. I will eventually play all of them, and this is the next iteration of my long arduous journey. I'm playing this one by myself this time as I couldn't rally anyone behind it, which in hindsight makes me alot sadder than it did. 

But anyway, here it is, enjoy it if you find me playing a shit game interesting.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Welcome To The Future, Here's Your Colourchart.

Hello all. This is Billy Bob giving an introduction that Aaron forgot to add to this article. This is Butler. I've never met him but apparently he's lovely. He's one of Aaron's friends and he asked to put an article on the site, so we gave him an account to give it a whirl. So here it is for your enjoyment. Hope you enjoy it.

What Colour Is Your Future?

Despite what certain phone networks tell you, there are various options for colouring your personal future. Using pop culture and barely solicited opinion, the tools of my generation, I will present to your eyes just a few of these options.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Why Are More People Not Annoyed At How Over-Priced The Last Of Us: Left Behind Was

Just to clarify this isn't going to be an attack on DLC, not that DLC doesn't have enough problems in its numerous on disc and pay to win forms. DLC, as long as it exists without having taken anything from the original product that you bought, or simply just irrelevant skin packs, isn't of any issue to me. I can buy it if I want and I'm a chump if it turns out to be bad. Left Behind, which is the single player DLC to The Last Of Us, was one of those times where I am a chump, but not for the above reasons. It's not because of how well the game is made, as usual it was practically glitch free and was well paced up to the usual Naughty Dog standard. It was also very involving and moving as was The Last Of Us before it; a game that was easily one of my favourites, if not my favourite game of last year.

I must also quickly clarify along with my non DLC hating, that this review will contain spoilers.