Monday, 24 February 2014

The Search For Good Amateur Actors Is Difficult And Also Very Depressing; A Trip Through Star Now

So I finally decided to get off my lazy ass that's spent most of the few months of my freedom from the shackles of education, and then a decade or two before that, stuck in front of screens absorbing all kinds of entertainment that I barely remember watching half the time. I've also played some great games and seen some great films that I'd happily comprise a list of and recommend to anyone if this was a place for the discussion of goodness. But it isn't. This is a place of badness and disgust, the place to come when life spits in your face and in retaliation you sneak off to an unknown corner of the internet to bitch about it quietly just in case it hears you and does the same again.

That doesn't defend the fact that this site has now been blank for several weeks now, as there has been a lot of free time in between these bouts of actually doing something, but at least it gives some excuse. Also Aaron's lazy. Doing lots of essays for university as well, but mostly just lazy.

Anyway to get back to my reasons for getting off my ass, and it had better be a damn good reason to force that to happen, is that I'm making a short film. Well a longish short film, but a film of some kind at the very least which will hopefully be the starting off point of what will unrealistically become a career surrounding that if it turns out as something that I'm good at. But oh well, you have to strain before you know whether or not you need to shit, and shitting myself or remaining clean aside, it is an answer that is worth having. But I'm not here to talk about the project itself, but instead I'm here to talk about amateur actors and how they fit into the theme of hopeless dreams that I'm attempting to weave into these first few paragraphs.