Saturday, 8 February 2014

Poetry Corner (Returns) #12: Warmth

Hello Cynics. Today marks the return of Poetry Corner. I decided to bring it back because A) I miss having a reason to write poetry, negative e-mails be damned and B) With the new update schedule I feel we are pumping out quite a lot of words, so hopefully Poetry will mean more quality for less quantity. I'll also be using this to post up the work on re-establishing the What About Cynics Webcomic I've been doing.

The biggest challenge so far has been changing Simon to reflect his new look, everything I've drawn so far makes him look like an angry lesbian nerd. So I tried to draw him as charmingly as I possibly could and the result was... (Can't see the freckles, how sad)

He looks too nice now though, like a Disney Prince, but if I add glasses he looks like the worlds nicest serial killer. Can't win. (Ignoring the fact that this next to traditional Cynics me and Harvey wouldn't be very representative). Anyway, onto the poem.

Background to this poem: As you may/may not know I spend some of my spare time writing fiction, and one particular antagonist of a story I was writing, she was nothing major, just a fire powered lieutenant with reserves about killing. But I'd always had this scene in my head where she has like a break down as her origin story...Then I set it to song and I realised it couldn't be in the book, why can't suspense of disbelief be extended to musical numbers?

In my mind this is sung in quite a specific way, including from happy to sad etc, which is something I don't really know how to communicate. Consequently this might fall flat, but I had fun and it helped me characterise her. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

American Reality TV Is The Best Reality TV Because It Isn't Set In Reality

So as the title says, American reality TV being really great is what I'm going to talk for the next few thousand words. Reality TV exists in basically every country now and there must be a version of Big Brother for every nation on Earth at this point. I can't stand to watch a lot of reality television shows because for the most part, every day reality and all the people involved in it really isn't that interesting. Here in England, where the Big Brother experiment began, and then died before being resurrected by method of cattle prod to dance in its shameful death throes every night on Channel 5; reality TV is actually quite boring for the most part. I know a lot of others find it fascinating and can get into the stories of the idiots that have signed themselves up to make a quick buck off the modern day freak show, but it's just such a massive investment of time that I can't see the point in even getting started. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Banner Saga: Factions Review and the Candy Crush Saga lawsuit Saga about Sagas.

So this article will be split into two halves that were written about two weeks apart. I finished the second part after a particularly large Banner Saga: Factions binge and that is the review of the mechanics, art-style and gameplay, including my ideas about what the Singleplayer, called "Banner Saga", available on Steam will be like. The first part will be me talking about "popular" mobile game "Candy Crush Saga" and the ridiculous copyright law they are trying to exploit, which was partially covered in the return of the What About Cynics Podcast earlier in the week. 

Safe to say if either part interests you more, they do not need to be read together so the world is your oyster in terms of skipping my content. (Though obviously I will cry if you do) ((Dota one, rounding off 2013, will be my next article, once again this was more timely))

As you can tell they are very similar games: They both have a man and a woman on the front, and both have the word "Saga". Frankly this is the worst thing I've seen since that Chinese LoL clone.