Wednesday, 15 January 2014

You Decide: Remembering 2013

Hello Cynics, as you might have already guessed, 3rd year University work has kept me very preoccupied after the Christmas and New Years period (which I actually did spend with Harvey/Simon). I've moved onto my Dissertation, which is an amount of work I literally never expected to deal with, I'm currently preparing like a "convince the professors your thesis isn't shit" presentation for Friday, but I feel I've got ahead enough of today's work load that I'd give you a choice about what I'll be writing about the moment I return from that impending disaster on Friday.

Happy New Year!
It must be nearing Chinese New Year right?

So the original plan before I discovered the depths of how much work I had to do was to write a sort of "Year in Review" piece, sort of like the Queen's Speech but with more swearing and movie references. But now that feels slightly trite, so I'm going to break up the three big pieces I was going to cover and you can either comment or e-mail me at: which you would prefer (if people are going to do it anyway I might as well endorse the process, ha, incorporated into the nominative state).

So without further ado the three things I thought were worth of discussion about 2013 were: