Saturday, 11 January 2014

People Ignoring Each Other On Their Phones. The International Disease


Firstly I'd like to apologise for the shocking lack of content that has been uploaded recently. A bout of coincidental joint laziness seems to have struck me and Aaron at the same time, possibly due to the fact that Christmas has created this safe zone of holiday and resting where we can escape the madness of our own everyday lives. I was happy to follow Aaron into this safe zone before realising that I, since having now graduated from University and not actually working feverishly everyday to achieve deadlines that actually matter in anyway, really have nothing to escape from. Office work is nice in that sense because as long as you do an inoffensively small amount of work then you'll just be left alone. I suppose it's kind of the same at University where Aaron lies, since no teacher will ever come to your house to shout at you so you're always competing against your own failure. In an office however, you've already sunk into that failure and so can rest easy and drift along down it's joyless road.

Of course Simon will never post anything again. Not in holiday time, work time or any time until the very end of time.