Friday, 4 July 2014

Comic Book Cinematic Universe 102: Opportunism, DC: Batman Vs Superman

So it turns out when two of your three writers are moving house, they don't write anything. As you can tell by the lack of content this was something I hadn't fully clocked onto. But now I'm here I believe they should both have internet back by the end of next week. If not then heaven help me. My next article was going to be out a few days ago and all about Robin Thicke and Rolf Harris, but I've decided I fancy something lighter than that barrell of laughs so expect that next week. Back to Comic Books. 

I refer you back to the mythical chart. Top Right today.

Also, what better day to cover the all-American Man of Steel himself than American Independence Day? I imagine the answer is literally any other day because here in Britain the closest we will get is those snide comments about how it was actually signed on the 2nd, or how we burnt down the White House once, or occupied New York for a few decades, which actually makes them sound quite bitter on reflection. I also have a bar shift tonight, I will report back as to whether I have any Independence Day revellers, or indeed revilers. I could definitely write an article on the weird drunken confiding I've had already. 

This picture is actually too boring to caption, oh wait no, I managed.

So we have a picture of the 'New' Man of Steel as played by Henry Cavil, and wow, it is absolutely nothing noteworthy. The background might actually be the most interesting part, because that doesn't appear to be Metropolis, perhaps hinting at a Gotham based showdown for the two Heroes (as apparently it is a given now that they have to 'showdown'). But I mean that is stretching it. Really all this tells us is that the powers that be at Warner Bros and DC are clearly still securely wrapped in the Christopher Nolan safety blanket. 

Actually, it tells us one more thing, the opportunism, in DC's case, the sheer, single-minded attempt to keep things save and 'approved'. Currently we've had two stills from this film, one unofficial, and of Batfleck, and now this. Other than that all we've had is a rumour mill constantly engaged with the minor aspects of the film. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, as important as it is that that character is done right, has been talked about pretty much monolithically as it is where DC wants the focus. The same reason these Jason Momoa IS Aquaman rumours keep circulating around and no-one stops them.

DC don't want us to focus on this movie, on this film.

Credit where credit is due in between all this negativity, the Costume looks good, very DKReturns.
Not the Batman I think works best with Superman mind you.

Man of Steel just about scraped past the 6/10 mark from enough critics, and made just enough extra cash in the Box Office that another Superman Returns or Green Lantern jettison wasn't required of Henry Cavil. But now that leaves them in a quandary, they need to make a second film with the same creative team that barely delivered a serviceable film the first time around. Still all the David S. Goyer terrible dialogue. Still all the negatives that come with Zac Synder, this time with even less Nolan intervention because he has finally managed to run back into the wild to become the film-makers film-maker he always used to be and hopefully will be again. 

The one shining light in all this is ironically the one thing the 'fanbase' (and I use that term lightly when it comes to Batman Films these days) complained hardest at. In my opinion, if anything is going to save this movie, it'll be Ben Affleck. Even then, I'm only half hopeful. The Town and Argo were different beasts entirely, they were quality work, for sure, but he directed both, produced one, helped write the other. He is going to have none of those luxuries on the MoS:2 set, irrespective of the creative control he might have been able to garner. 

The real crux of this article is 'Why haven't Fox and DC made the DarkClaw movie yet?!"

Ultimately however, all these uncertainties, the very trite marketing tactics of 'saying things that sound good' and hoping somehow that your film will contain enough time to cover the ten different characters you are trying to introduce for future franchises. This is the precise opposite of the opportunism that Fox displayed with the X-Men. Part of it is to be expected, Fox made good movies, and when they made bad ones, they didn't abandon the franchise. Part of it is probably luck, Singer wanted to continue working, Nolan did not. Drawing a line under Nolan would've been the right thing to do, but instead bad opportunism has landed us with Nolan-lite. Well on its way to making no-one that happy. 

(Haha, breaking news, as I was spellchecking this FOUR new villains have been rumoured for MoS:2. This will be such a crowded movie. For those interested they are Zsasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain and Amanda Waller). 

Next time on Cynics, Rolf Harris, Robin Thicke, Big Break! Next time on the Cinematic Universe, the cheerier world of the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe! Again, sorry for the time gaps, hopefully the other two should be able to come online soon, and I'll have sorted out my life. Thanks for your patience guys, until next time. 


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