Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cynicast #13 - A January Retrospective and The Predictable Oscar Nominations

So everyone, one of these hasn't been released in a while, which would explain why it's lazily been placed as a January retrospective, without any real references to specific events, but it seemed easier to do that rather than dump everything that had happened during January in the title. So I'll dump it here instead.

For the few of you whoa actually watch this, then enjoy, because there's some alright chatter about Xboxes and Playstations and how dull the Oscars is, and many other recycled opinions to hopefully keep you entertained for the running hour. For those of you who don't watch this, then there's alot of other things to do, here and not here, for you to busy yourselves with.

So if you want to here us chat about the Oscar nominations, discuss the Candy Crush Saga lawsuits and talk about how Microsoft has been bribing Machinima to promote its console in the most deceitful of ways, then please enjoy this next hour of your sorry, miserable, but hopefully temporary life, that you can shit away further by listening to this.


  1. You guys are great to listen to especially as the sound quality seems to have improved.

  2. Glad you're one of the few who enjoys us chatting away. I can't actually understand why the sound quality has improved, but for some reason recently it has. They're alot less grating to listen to now though thankfully.

  3. Hello, first time commenter. This was laugh out loud funny, thank you.