Thursday, 5 December 2013

My PS3 Broke. The £4430 Bad Investment

How very suspicious Sony. How very coincidental that on the day of the PS4's release in Europe my PS3 just happens to break. Never once before has it had a problem and now look at this, all blinking and flashing its yellow light at me; a vague warning to its owner that the something has gone wrong with the console. Not that I needed a stupid little yellow light to tell me that since just not working in general would have been enough of a warning. I can't fix you PS3, stop trying to explain to me what's wrong with you. I cannot help.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Plain Cigarette Packaging: One More Stupid Anti Smoking Initiative In A Long Line Of Stupid Anti Smoking Intitiatives

Smoking is quickly becoming the most elaborate past time. What was once a simple exercise in getting your death sticks out, setting fire to them and then puffing away wherever the hell you pleased, has now turned into a tedious, and now with it being winter, incredibly cold event as you stand outside of the pub that you were warm and socialising in a few short minutes ago, but have now decided to replace that friendship and comfort with burning lungs, shivering and an increasing chance of certain death. Not that you are able to even care about any of this since you're also getting your delicious injection of nicotine that is clouding your brain into thinking happy thoughts in what is clearly a not so happy situation.

You wouldn't put yourself through this for most other things. If I offered people a delicious pie or simply to watch me play the Playstation 6 (if I was a time traveller), but on the condition that they had to come outside into the freezing night air to receive their prize, most if not all people would tell me to either bring it inside or simply shrug me off as a jackass for putting myself through such a struggle. But offer someone a little drag of sweet nicotine and they'll accept the same tedium without a care in the world.