Thursday, 28 November 2013

Apologies and Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Hey everybody, I feel I should start off by apologising, turns out everything hit both of us at the worst time. As you are aware my internet broke down last week, that on-top of another severe bout of illness and my frankly ridiculous submission deadlines for my final year of University meant that posting became unfeasible. Unfortunately, the person I was relying on to take up the slack, Harvey, as far as I can ascertain (communications have been so bad I have no idea if he even has a PS4 yet), has also become as ill, if not more so than myself, hence his disappearance also. I have literally just finished one essay and I have this day to do stuff before the next one begins, so here is my article. Thankfully, I'll be finished on December 12th and hopefully this illness will have gone long, long before that.

(I'll get to general admin later tonight around the site)
((safe to say I'm on painkillers so forgive me if I don't make sense? I read it through, seems okay, I don't trust myself currently))

I know the article consistent around here is something of a running joke, but even for us I deem this time period to have been too long, and for that I'm sorry, I will try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Anyway, onto cheerier things...Technology.

I've wanted to use this picture for ages, as a technophile I like it, as a Historian I love it.

So yes, when faced with what to right my latest article about, bearing in mind that my activities over these past few weeks have been, in order of regularity Essay Writing, Dry Heaving and trying to work out my new phone...I decided that the most interesting of those potential articles by a long shot was the phone. So get ready for the worlds worst tech review of....