Thursday, 7 November 2013

Inori Aizawa: The Internet Explorer Anime Magic Girl Mascot

There are somethings you expect never to have to write about, one of them for me, even without my knowledge, was an article on a Microsoft mascot who always happened to be an anime magic girl for the default Windows browser Internet explorer. But hey, time makes fools of us all, and I'm now about to post beneath this very paragraph the (pretty excellently) animated two minute battle video charting the struggles of one Inori Aizawa. After that, I'll try and explain the thinking behind it...If there was any.

As I said, very pretty, nice music as well, reminded me of Rusty Hearts.

(Oh yeah, before I continue, Poetry corner is delayed because of an imposing essay on French Communism I've been neglected. Also, yes, the rumours are true, Star Wars auditions are being held in Bristol, and yes, I will be trying out, and yes, mainly to try get JJ Abram's ear to not direct another Star Wars movie: Might be an article later in the week, anyway, topic at hand).

So yeah, I'm a self admitted anime fan, so I guess I should be the most receptive of Western audiences to this...and I don't really get it. The premise is that the magic girl transformation scene we see (complete with implied nudity, 10 points for sticking to source material) is symbolic of the transformation of Internet Explorer from the buggy piece of shit that we all know and hate, to something cool, streamlined and apparently cutesy as hell.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. Part Game Review. Part Psychological Review

I think my ratio between games I buy because they're terrible to games I buy for actual enjoyment is getting too expansive. Aside from major releases most of the games I buy are the second hand shits of yesteryear that I avoided when they were at full price. Now that they are cheaper and in great supply since they're usually the first things to be traded in from someone's collection, there is no end to the number of self torture that is purchasable for under a fiver. This week I bought 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand, the second in what I imagine will become the 50 Cent trilogy if any major publisher inevitably loses all sense of self respect and buys the rights from the now defunct THQ in order to get in on the cash grab.