Saturday, 26 October 2013

Romanian MEP opposes no legislation 541 times in a row and Totalbiscuit.

So in-lieu of my outrage article about the Totalbiscuit scandal which was resolved earlier in the week, thankfully by "Wild Games Studio" caving to overwhelming pressure and a truly awful metacritic onslaught, I'm going to brighten your Friday with a funny tale from the continent and my beloved European Union. Because hey, I'd be a terrible liberal (Read: go insane) if I couldn't poke fun at the institutions I love.

For all those interested in Youtuber's legal standing. Go watch. 

(This story actually won out against the whole "Jackie Chan is misquoted as being really anti-Japanese" thing. Read into that what you will)
So pictured below is completely unassuming smiley Romanian Member of the European Parliament Dumitri Zamfirescu. What makes him unique and worth talking about? Well, he really hates saying no to things. The political version of Jim Carey's Yes Man, Mister Zamfirescu (a name I'm glad I only have to type) continually votes either yes or an abstain. Sure, this might be fine, it could just be the wording of the questions, perhaps he is a real social revolutionary who wants continuous, unending change? Well, lets find out.

Give this man a situation comedy.
(When In Romania)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, an alternative to Pokémon X and Y?

(Hey, Poem early this week, sorry for all the delays, University deadlines and illness really haven't been in my favour. On the other hand, both have meant plenty of time to play Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, so here we go, the first Cynics article written from bed)

Ok, so before we begin, disclaimer time. I'm still a big Pokémon fan, and I'm talking post-generation 1, 2 and 3. I can detail you the Vanilluxe evolution line, I know Sinnoh and Unova as well as I know Johto and Kanto, I currently have caught 626 pokemon on White/2, roughly 400 more than most of my peers have a right to exist. So it isn't like I'm in the vocal majority of our generation who only played Generation 1, 2 and perhaps 3, I've stayed with Pokémon through its unpopular decline of the mid to late 2000s, too its weird revival at the end of and now continuing. I even followed the release of X and Y closely, as you may well know if you go on this site.

And yet here I am, 8 days after worldwide release date, it isn't in my 3DS, I haven't even purchased it, I probably won't until around Christmas time. What is in there instead? You guessed it, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, a critically ignored, and frankly excellent game. Sadly, in a series I'm worried might soon cease being released outside Japan, so prepare for one of those "I appeal to you to give X a chance" articles. But it'll be fun along the way, games journalism on farming games always is.