Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Some Games Just Don't Work Without Nostalgia

It had been a long day. A day long and dull enough at work that I could be very annoyed at having gotten out of bed that morning, but frustratingly not bad enough that I could really complain about it, since it was hard by first world standards and I hadn't been digging silver out of a collapsing mine or anything lasting enough to harp on about. Even as I was driving home I was filled with even more hopelessness from outside of my own sphere of existence when I saw a shop that was a combination between a gambling slots casino and a Quick Tan tanning salon. Both of which were open until 2am every day. I couldn't work out who would want a tan at 2am, but also sadly knew there was business for it and it put me into a slump of numbness for the rest of the journey home.