Sunday, 22 September 2013

Poetry Corner #10: Jordevan Folk Tale 2

Hello, sorry for the lack of poetry corner last week, it was supposed to be Jordevan Folk Tale number 1, but it eventually contained too many plot reveals for a book no-one will probably ever read. So have the 2nd lyrical folk tale produced for one of my many fictional worlds, which is significantly less spoilery. If only the widely accepted story of our creation was so succinct and passive. (Don't worry, Jordevan has its fair share of nuts religions) ((Next weeks poem: Clubbing!)) (((This weeks article: Dogging!)))

Jordevan: pronounced Yore Dah Varn

How did Jordevan come to be?
Asked the man, straight to the sky
Was there land, or always sea?
He was told the answer, but had to die

So we do not know
what came before,
Except the snow
and the boar.

The boar long gone, the snow kept at bay.
By the Evernorth wind, blowing night and day
only the sea, and shattered land remain.
Inability to conquer, their eternal shame

They say that magik raised the mountains
Spoken in tongues men no longer speak
and magik was gifted from the fountains.
From the gods, to the weak.

For somewhere there is a vast sea of land
Where every man has his own farm hand
We will never want, we will always sow
We will have this place when the right winds blow.