Friday, 23 August 2013

Chapman on Batman: Ben Affleck in Man Of Steel

Now I really like Batman, almost as much as I like ripping off Kevin Smith podcast titles, so consequently I was waiting in anticipation for casting news about who would be playing the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel scheduled sometime in the next two years. Worryingly such names as Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin had been banded around and I especially thought that the Warner Bros machine had gone into meltdown trying to work out who could fill Bale's rubber boots.

And then last night on Twitter I saw a flurry of activity regarding Ben Affleck as Batman, something that had already been mentioned before anyone knew Man of Steel was going to be a fiscal hit, if not with the critics. My opinion? Yeah, sure. If you had asked me 5 years ago, probably not, but Argo, The Town, his brief appearance in Smoking Aces, he has pulled his act together to the "Good Will Hunting and Dogma" days. (Yes I think Dogma is a great film).

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Film Review in Brief: Elysium

Elysium, a film in which Matt Damon is essentially a giant walking USB stick.

Elysium is the second film by Neill Blomkamp, the prodigious director responsible for the universally applauded District 9.  Much like D9, it is set in a future world where the social apartheids of our time are put under a magnifying glass, but unlike D9, it horribly degenerates into action-genre muscle-flexing, in yet another boot to the head for the trampled, barely alive body of science fiction.

The Arab Spring: Over One Quarter of a Decade Later.

Now, of the three of us who run this site, I care about the News undeniably the most. If I'm not listening to it on my radio, then I'm reading it on my phone, on the computer, or Al Jazeera is running in the background on my TV. Unfortunately this one won't be a funny one, but hopefully for those who asked for it, it might inform.

As you probably realise if you frequent this website, I don't often write about the News, nor, as I'm specifically about to, the Middle East. Primarily, although not limited to the fact I am pro-something that many people of my generation are against. Currently I've decided to write this over talking about the latest Pokémon Anime or the new Studio Ghibli Film...Both would be infinitely easier.

Note: This originally started as the promised Syrian Civil War summary, but the situation in Egypt spiraled out of control much too rapidly for that to now be possible.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Poetry Corner 6: To Be A Nerd

We are going to try and be more light hearted today. After studying what is poetry and love, let us get down to something more pleasant, though no less important. Pop Culture, more specifically, the Nerd.

Thank you, I hope you don't mind me using your incredible jpeg.
(I'll get around to dissecting Big Bang Theory one day, I promise)

Recently, I was called too attractive to be a Nerd.
I found the claim most absurd.
And not just the one of me, "attractive"
But why this should influence how I live.

Nerd is a label, Ill-defined at best
And yet I still wear it proud on my chest
So while that might reflect poorly
There is no better word to sum up me.

To me, being a Nerd is to have a passion for living
Stuff is interesting, whether Science or Gaming.
I can like Poetry one day, Science Fiction the next
Diligently research a book's proper context.

Why would I give that up because my appearance changed?
If I ever do, consider me deranged.
Why would I stop being interested in things
For we, the Nerds, truly are kings.