Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Little Something About Pages On Facebook That Have Become Such A Victim Of Whoring For Likes That They Are Now Completely Irrelevant To The Reason They Were Originally Made For. If I Can Be So Blunt.

Things can't last forever. And unless we're talking about a baby goat getting kicked to death by a fireman's boot or the flogging of PEWDIEPIE then that's a sad fact about life. However, some people don't like to see things end, especially when said things ending is there sense of popularity.

So I offer up to you the Facebook groups that their creators just couldn't let die. At one point long ago when a new film or television show came out, one person maybe noticed something slightly interesting or took a little niche of pop culture from it and drew attention to it by making a Facebook group page for everyone to come and like and enjoy. But things don't last forever, and after a while, the like rate and visitation to the page began to slow until it became just another ignored page on Facebook. No new updates and lack of relevance meant that it stayed away from the feed and starved a silent death, leaving an epitaph in its followers' likes list that at one point it was given a shit about.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Poetry Corner #5: Dania Reborn

This was actually entirely formulated inside my head yesterday afternoon(now four days ago afternoon), I rarely come up with poems so completely in my head, but I had every rhyme of this one laid about before I indulged a keystroke. I suppose consequently it may suffer for it. You can be the judge of that.

(New Doctor Who is being announced tonight, so prepare for a sardonic article about that later on)

Silence, Reading, Heavy Rain
I look up, momentary pain.
From past to present
Here again.
Pulled back from my shattered brain.

Bed, Window, Warm Embrace
Unwanted glimpse of her face.
From present to past
It is like I never left
The consequences of our mutual theft.

Calm, Serene, Birds Tweet
The cost of something so sweet.
From past to future
How foolishly we planned
It blew away, castles of sand.

Up, Out, Computer Powered.
Don't face the world, you fucking coward.
From present to future
Another day, alone I stare
But with all this comfort, why should I care?