Friday, 2 August 2013

David Cameron, Page 3 and the "War on Pornography"

So I know an article about the objectification of women isn't quite Syria, but with Israel talk getting ever more "aggressive", every Shia terrorist network in the area appearing on the scene, and Egypt's recent leadership crisis threatening to alter the strategic balance back towards secularism...I'm going to leave it another week before I attempt to write it out again, lest it quickly become invalid.

So I move onto something probably more dangerous than writing about a war-zone. Gender Politics. A topic I happen to know a lot about, but that won't matter because it is also a topic everyone just loves to get angry about. So like, chill for a bit. I'm just here to point out some hypocrisy and then I'll be on my way. I've got an article on the way about my Feminism anyway, so I'll say the stuff that'll really get people angry for that.

(I'm also currently placing bets on whether I'll have someone try and point out a "flaw" in my logic. I almost hope so)

Pictured: David Cameron attempts to connect with Women voters. Assumed failure. 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cynicast #10 - Cameron's War On Porn and The Batman/Superman Cash Grab

Yes, yes it's another podcast epsiode, but now it has a fancy new name. Same old podcast, different name, but with the same high quality of never ending opinion gargling and recycled news straight from the internet.

This week we chat about something actually outside of the world of pop culture. Well sort of. We look into David Cameron's new plans to allow Britain to opt out of having to be exposed to pornography, treating it as if the current situation is that every citizen is required by law to have their eyes stapled open and forced to watch shaking asses at all hours of the day. We may even go on to chat about how this is a stupid plan that isn't needed and is a complete waste of money.

Well, I'll use any old excuse and attack just to make sure I don't lose my porn. It's all I have sometimes.

Oh and for our small, yet on paper majority of fans who love the Game of Thrones Boardgame, there's an extended chat about the new Feast for Crows expansion. Then in gaming news we slag off the Gran Turismo movie until it's dead on arrival and then talk about Fez 2, which was dead on arrival of two self entitled twats arguing about nothing,

Enjoy it anyway if you listen.