Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Retarded Pop Songs That I've Grown To Hate This Summer

I don't often talk about music, mostly because I have nothing more complex to offer than I liked the pretty noises and if you didn't like the pretty noises then that is a shame because I did. Then me and the person I'm talking to just go on to stare at each other in complete silence until one of us becomes too hungry or awkward to take it anymore. I don't even like to complain about the way music sounds. I don't like most modern music aside from when it's so damn catchy that it bores its way into your consciousness and remains there bouncing off the walls of your brain, scratching at your sanity until you can't contain the madness anymore. Plus I don't like a lot of genres like heavy metal or power metal.

But I can accept that they've probably got a lot of noises that are pretty to someone. I also try not to subscribe to the group of people who use the criticism that modern music isn't real music, because firstly as long as it has a drum and some twat making noise, then it kind of is technically music. Plus also their criticism of popular modern music being the downfall of music is hardly strong because to accept that you also have to accept that 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' is a great relic of the past that can never again be matched.

Poetry Corner 4: What Separates Us From Them

Terribly sorry, this is what happens when I get confident enough to do experimental poetry, then immediately regret it as soon as I've tried. So yeah, ignore this one, and within 4 days I should have one based around pop culture again. This was primarily inspired from reading Confederacy of Dunces, I finished it on the train from Berlin to Warsaw. 

Also, I'm currently house sitting, so forgive me if the formatting on this is poor, I'm not using my computer but a friend's laptop.

Someone asked me recently.
What IS poetry.
I thought a moment
And then went.

Poetry is more than sum of it's parts.

Poetry is creating prosaic art
Poetry is bounding grace
Poetry can be rhythmic pace
She looked at me confused and said.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pacific Rim: The Gundam of the West? (The Rise of Cynitron)

Now before I begin, first of all, sorry for the lack of content recently, getting back was a fairly hectic experience, not aided by the fact that this heat wave we just went through in the UK fried my computer. So after lots of maneuvering and bank balance checking, I'm back, back again. Just a short article today, as Harvey has already dedicated some page time to Pacific Rim and I don't think it really deserves much more, but I was disappointed enough that I will write this anyway. 

This is not the last time Cynitron will appear on this website. 

(Syria up next, it has been delayed by the news of the Pakistan Taliban joining the fight, and the continual fear that David Cameron will say something really stupid for me to start the article with). (Also, the poem didn't get published pre-holiday because I'm really annoyed at the last line)

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Summer Movie Bumper Review: This Is The End, Monster's University, Pacific Rim and The World's End

I can't remember the last time I experienced this. I have finally seen a stream of good films at the cinema. A stream composed of four films, which might not be the biggest stream, but it's something good at least. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself all in one go. The last few activities in my life that I remember in the last week or so has been lying on bed sweating to death in the midst of a heatwave and blowing gunk out my nose in order to breathe through my hayfever outbreak. Well that's one of many among all my other genetic diseases that seem to thrive in their infection in the heat and commence to torture me during what should be the most beautiful time of the year. This is why I like the cold. The cold kills life effectively enough so that it can't bother me. It seems the only options that numb the sensations of my summer illnesses are either Benadryl or leaving the gas on and unfortunately I have guests at the moment who don't share my outlook on the issue. They'll be gone soon thank god.