Saturday, 13 July 2013

We're Back From Our Trip Just In Time For The What About Cynics One Year Anniversary: A Thank you To The Fans

After our exciting trip away we're now back to complain about things under the guise of informed opinion.

Also as a large enough side note, the 10th of July was our year anniversary since we first posted on the website. Since then its grown surprisingly larger than any of us thought would be the case. So we've just written this quickly to thank anyone who has continued to follow the site, us and commented at all along the way. We greatly appreciate it.

But I suppose I have to add a cynical angle to this so that the site doesn't lose its way and its purpose as so many other sites have. So I'll end this thank you, with a simple fuck you.

Game of Thrones: Video Game: Played Until It Crashed

Why hello, Aaron here from Harvey's computer, we are back from travelling, so here is an article I wrote before we went away. Articles regarding our adventures will follow as soon as I can get to my home, rather than just theirs. Hope you stuck with us despite cripplingly absence, and enjoy.

Like most of the games in my embarrassingly big Steam Library, I got the Game of Thrones Video Game (Annoyingly titled just Game of Thrones, unlike Genesis) for about 75% off in a Steam sale, and I was never expecting it to be great. A view things might try and fool you into thinking they gave a shit about this game. They have voice actors from the show! Specifically, two voice actors from the show, Jeor Mormont and Varys, only the latter of whom can read his lines without sounding like he has the desire to commit ritual harakiri. It has a deep RPG based combat system, and impressive this console-generation graphics! Eh...You'll eat those claims yet. Cue the picture.

Don't be fooled into thinking those are the graphics, I have reasons to believe that is just a nice picture.

So yeah, you may have noticed in the title, after the awkward surmise that this is the Game of Game of Thrones. Played Until It Crashed, and that is because yes...Indeed, I could only make this thing run for a square 53 minutes before it fucked itself over and died. But don't worry, those 53 minutes seemed like forever. Remember how I said Jeor Mormont sounded like he wanted to commit Seppuku while reading, well I wanted to while listening as well, every piece of Dialogue save from Varys is both so painfully delivered and also utterly bland generic fantasy tripe and trope. Blagh, cue next picture.

Are you a HARDCORE GAMER who loves a CHALLENGE?! Well this Game is piss easy on Lord anyway, so move on.