Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cynics Company Vacation Break

So the cynics are using our glorious position in the EU to travel freely to the continent. We have passports and train tickets, but there are still alot of things to go wrong. However, I'm sure our English charms and worldwide lovable reputation will carry us through. And I'm sure there's alot of European girls who'll be thankful that we won't be capable of managing to have sex with them for the reasons of see photo above.

But aside from not dying, we also won't be posting for 2 weeks aside from a random pre-written article here and there. But you guys should be used to sporadic content by now.

This was written on a shitty phone so apologise for any formatting issues. Have a nice July anyway.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

How The Last Of Us Made Me Question The Strength of Film As A Story Telling Medium

So I just completed The Last of Us and like everyone else loved the shit out of it. It had a few problems here and there; some slight repetition and segments which were drawn out longer than they could sustain my full attention for, but there's nothing to say or review in regards to the merits of The Last of Us that hasn't already been said.

But what The Last of Us really left me with was an actualisation, one which I have always believed possible, that not only can games tell a good story, which has been the case for several decades and I would never dispute, but more importantly that games can tell a story without interfering with what their fundamental point is, which is to be a game. Interactive and fun. A game is not simply boiling a cutscene down with some random button inputs and calling it a day. A game is also not just the even lazier alternative of a lot of cutscenes, which makes the value of my forty pound purchase become questionable since all I seem to have bought is an overpriced CG animated film.