Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fire Emblem Awakening: Marriage and Support Problems

So I have a little notebook I carry around, and in it I have my priority list for articles I need to write, currently in the top two places are an easily digestible summary of the Syrian Civil War and the surrounding political factors as requested on the site, and an article about the Marriage system in a JRPG I've been playing on the 3DS...As you can tell from the title of this article, I picked the infinitely more infantile one. Oh well, prepare for a look at how seriously I take in-game romance...And eugenics. (Syria to come soon).

Hopefully you should be able to click to enlarge this, but yeah, these are all the character. Many of which are involved in my aforementioned Marriage crisis. 

Ok, so, as I write this I'm well aware this will probably branch into multiple articles, as I want to keep it fairly short, and the amount of pictures/explanation I need will be fairly large, but I want to give you a small glimpse into how this system works. Ok, ready? Basically, you have a band of warriors, as they fight alongside each other, the "support" of these warriors increases, they become closer, dialogue occurs between them and they work more effectively together. Aggressively heterosexual in nature, if a man and a woman reach a certain Support rank, called "S" they become married. Later down the line, they will have a child who, for reasons of plot convolution, will be able to fight with you as adults later down the line. As such, the choice of marriage between partners serves a gameplay aspect, but more important...I find it really damn cute to match them all up, so without further ado, I'll give you the two couples I have already set up, and the two women I'm currently considering pairing up before continuing with the story.

Friday, 28 June 2013

What About Cynics Podcast #9 - Post E3 Drought and The Spoilerific Review: Man Of Steel & Last Of Us

So nothing happened this week. Yes there was some questionable breaches of security in the US, the whistle blower is caught in Moscow now, creating some uncomfortable relations between the two superpowers that we haven't seen since their decades long tiff a few years back. Oh and Brasil had some riots or something, something about corruption. Who knows.

But anyway nothing happened, because E3 happened and sucked all the interesting news away with it as it disappeared back into its void. So we've teamed up to just chat about the few interesting major releases we saw this holiday from both the film and gaming worlds.

We discuss some average Man of Steel, some excellent The Last of Us, and Aaron complains for abit about what a cheap marketing tactic World War Z was by licencing a book its based on, apparently.So enjoy the films, enjoy the games and most of all enjoy the special guest stars who jump in randomly because we no longer have our own teamspeak server to record in, a problem which we'll be fixing shortly. If you thought this was a studio job, then you thought wrong.

Anyway enjoy and like and subscribe if you feel like it.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mylo Xyloto - The comic series review. Issue 1: Mylo Xyloto

I'm annoyed at writing this review. Not because I lost my hands in a freak garbage disposal accident and that meant that I had to carefully control my bashing of my now bleeding stumps on the keyboard in order to type out actual words. No I'm annoyed because my first review of the prequel to this series of comics had a slight air of taking the absolute piss out of it because it looked like a massive piece of shit. But now I find, when we have a few more words and some actual characterisation that it isn't actually all that bad. Yeah none of it still makes any sense within the context of it being based off of Coldplay's album Mylo Xyloto. I still have difficulty this is what Chris Martin actually envisioned when he wrote the thing, especially the song Major Minor is actually a song about a large armoured alien dictator called Major Minor. It's also funny to see story by: Mark Osbourne, writer of Kung Fu Panda, and Coldplay in the opening page of a comic.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Poetry Corner 3: World War Z

So apparently you guys aren't sick of my incompetent poetry and have even asked for more. So without further ado, welcome to Poetry Corner 3. All my lovely prefacing will come after the poem...Which technically makes it postfacing, but that isn't a word. English has failed me once again. Also, if you are interested this style of poem is called a Rubiyat I believe. (Also also, read Z in the American English Zee, forgive me)

A few days ago, I went to see.
The movie adaptation of a book, World War Z
I had heard Brad Pitt had ruined it so.
But even those rumours, didn't prepare me

As I said down with friends to watch this delight.
One uttered we were in for a fright.
But not because of gore or zombies and such.
Merely in sorrow at this misdirected plight.

Now World War Z, the original book
Is genius, often prone to overlook
But the movie made no attempt to capture this grace.
Rather the license was just a cynical hook.