Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Xbox 180: Never Forget A Story as Tragic as the Xbox One

So I've returned to my trust desk after several trips in and around the Atlantic, and while I was away several important things happened. Iran elected a new President, the NSA scandals broke revealing large amounts of privacy violating data, India flooded and Syria edged ever closer towards destruction. (Prepare for a large amount of hate compared to usual) ((Also, I've seen the Mylo Xyloto Review, it is very nearly done))

But do you know what sent me into cackles of glee when I heard it in the early morning from a friend's sofa. "Microsoft has gotten rid of it's DRM and always Online Policy for the Xbox One". Oh yes my friends, the U-turn of the year has just passed us by. Less than a month after the PR nightmare that was the May 21st Reveal and E3 slaughterfest and Microsoft come running, tail between legs, admitting in full that they are nothing but a bunch of incompetent con-men who tried to milk the cash-cow so hard, the udders would've fallen off.

Even though it is a title attached purely to hammer home the shame and derision I feel for Microsoft. It is still a better name than the Xbox One.

But while this is most certainly a victory for consumer right's in the gaming industry, and a possible precedent set in terms of the sheer hammering a company has to receive before it decides that to admit fault and change is preferable to the decimation it would've received in November. As someone much wiser than me once said...Never Forget. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Poetry Corner #2: Two Brothers

Aaron's away from our fair shores right now, somewhere in France. On his behalf I'm uploading a poem he did, having edited numerous grammatical errors,  for his random poetry series that he feels is necessary. 
Bon Appetit. 

It's an analogy 'bout gaming

At the beginning of time, two brothers owned some land.
They decided to let everyone have access, that is a plan.
They helped cultivate it with care.
And so the field did yield bounty for both brothers to share.

But then as time went by, both brothers started to plot.
"Imagine what I could do, with a little more from this lot".
And so the first brother put a large fence up, over 8 foot high.
"This should stop any extra profit, from slipping me by"