Thursday, 13 June 2013

E3 2013 Special: A Discussion About Xbone, Ps4, Wii U and Other Announcements

Hey it's several days and millions of dollars worth of conferences and announcements, and Aaron and me have boiled it all down into an hour conversation. So save yourself time and check out our E3 special.

We hit all the major subjects like how much of a fiasco the Xbone announcement has been and Sony's knocking the ball out of the park in response to said fiasco. We even talk about the Wii U and how it's not really up to much, which isn't the most exciting topic but dammit we go there anyway. Included with that stuff is talk about all the games that got us wet this year and the more annoying presenters and personalities that stumbled and made rambling, unfunny jokes throughout their appearance.

So yeah anyway, enjoy it and if you want to like (or dislike) and subscribe, mainly because the liking makes us feel good about ourselves and subscribing allows you to be informed about any other videos we make. Obviously we'll just post them here anyway so you'll find out about them anyway but... oh wait subscribing makes us feel better about ourselves as well. So yeah, make us feel good.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Forced To Go Clubbing Whilst Sober. A Prison From The Dreamscape

Stepping out of the house to board a taxi heading to a club is bad enough when it seems that everyone your age is intent on interrupting every evening of drinking with standing in a flashing loud room for several hours in order to swing your body about. However, when you realize that at the moment the cold evening air hits you, that you're also stone cold sober, another level of anxiety grips you.

A Review Of The Sony E3 Conference

Mmmmmmmmmm. Wow, absolutely nothing of cynicism to say. Great job. That was a really good conference. For a minute I'm almost... content. Well that is almost. I want my PS4 now god dammit.

Poetry Corner #1: Consoles: To Xbone or to Wii at E3

So after that brief round of poetry in the comment section, i decided that it might be a fun thing to create weekly, as to be topic, short, and hopefully entertaining. I might even read them out on youtube if you ask nicely.

We are all Xbone'd

Every June in LA, the Gaming Industry does gather.
For conferences, reveals and promotions, all that sort of blather.

Though this year is rather special, for it is a new generation!
But wait, does this generation, deserve our adulation?
For why is it here, why is it now?
To turn gamers into cash cows?
To stamp down on consumer rights, and pre-owned games?
To market aggressively, regardless of shame?