Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shezow: A Podcast Follow-Up

So in this weeks podcast we discussed the Cartoon Kids Show that small Cable TV Network The Hub has just picked up. Why weren't the only ones however, American talk-shows, News outlets, and the rest of the internet was also focusing on this would be innocuous pick up of a kids show. Now there is no mystery as to why when you look at it on paper. Shezow appears to challenge patriarchal norms, conservative norms, gender norms etc. Basically, it challenges "the norm". It is the first show I can think of where the premise, or rather, the singular joke is. "This guy is dressed as a girl".

Click to enlarge if you can't read it. It is a vague plot summary.
So yeah, the reason I'm covering this again quickly even though we covered it pretty well in the aforementioned podcast is that I actually went and watched some....


Yeah, I don't think anyone else did either. Shezow isn't some trans-gender character, the news blew this out of proportion entirely. Guy (the character) stays a guy, he is wearing a dress and tiger leggings. It doesn't try and dissect anything, not even in a subtle Adventure Time way. Speaking of which, this is nowhere near as good as say, Adventure Time, or the new Mystery Incorporated. It has none of the subtle humour, intelligence, quiet references, or hidden meanings. 

What About Cynics Podcast #8 - Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie and The Red Wedding

Well here it is, our randomly weekly podcast yet again delivered to your door just out of time. But let's not dwell on when it got here, but what instead it brings with it.

As usual it's all the regular subjects that have come along this week, we chat about the latest Game of Thrones episode (spoilers obviously) as well as the hilarious amount of anger thrown at it. As well as this there's some stuff to complain about with Peter Molyneux and the lovable, fat and jolly creative Tim Schafer even makes an appearance.

We also chat about the anger of soccer mums at the gender swapping kids cartoon from the Hub, Shezow. And if questions are your kind of thing then don't worry cause we answer some of those as well. 

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trying To Comprehend What The Hell Is Going On In Batshit Crazy Foreign Soaps

Yes the joke here is that we don't speak the language, but there's plenty more batshit stuff going on to confuse us here, that the language barely becomes a problem in the end.

Enjoy some shit eating off a shoe (literally), a crazy arsonist bastard and some of the angriest people you'll ever see constantly shouting for over an hour. Hopefully our commentary of it will be entertaining enough, it might not be the best standard cause it is just me and Aaron fucking about. But then again isn't this what the entire website is anyway. But if you want to watch the original shows, they're listed in the descriptions if you want to see them in their virgin state.

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