Saturday, 27 April 2013

What About Cynics Podcast #3 - Rocket Racoon and The First Sad Attempt At A Podcast Feature

As usual, served ripe and on time, here's our weekly podcast that comes our every Monday. It's Friday I hear you say. Well I reply that it's been a very hard week since my mum just died, probably. Anything will do to take the heat off.

This week we're discussing some mighty fine topics, and sometimes less discussing and more just arguing and belittling each other's points till someone stops talking back. Included in this will be whether or not shittier characters of the Marvel Universe, such as Rocket Raccoon, will work in the shared Marvel Universe films. The answer is they won't. We also talk about movies, games, try out a new feature and very carefully try to answer questions from you guys, including the touchy subject of terrorism.

If you have any questions or stuff you won't us to talk about then put your questions down here, Youtube, or in the podcast section of the website and we'll get round to them.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

News: Daredevil Movie rights revert back to Marvel

The hint is in the title. As of a few hours ago, Marvel studios officially confirmed that they now own the  movie rights to their character, Daredevil, famous in cinematic terms for the, "fairly terrible but probably not as terrible as everyone has mis-remembered it" film by Fox in the early 2000s.

Gee, was that ten years ago already? I was eleven...Suddenly I feel young...Or is that old...Irrespective Ben Affleck should stay away from red leather

Obviously this isn't the biggest news in the world as for the Movie Rights to stay with Fox they would need to have made a Daredevil movie, which they evidently have not, but still, I believe this is the first incident of one of the scattered Marvel Movie Rights to return back to the nest since the studio started doing (nearly) everything right...(Though movie goers think a guy with a bow is a stupid addition to a superteam, how will they feel about a blind guy). 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New Trailer: Thor: The Dark World

So today we have a quick article to highlight the Thor 2: The Dark World Trailer that was released about twenty minutes ago when I started writing. The reason this has come out now is because I believe it is showing in front of the Iron Man 3 Cinema release. While clocking in at just under two minutes, I think it still counts as a teaser trailer but there are some nice reveals in there which I will talk through now. Immediately below is the trailer for those of you who haven't already seen it.

Thor 2 actually probably holds more interest compared to Iron Man 3 for me as a Marvel fan because A) I already know the Comic series that Iron Man 3 is said to be channelling and B) Thor generally deals with the items and artifacts that end up in the broader, more ground breaking continuity stuff. I suppose it is because Tony Stark is both a bigger personality and also a more down to earth (in most senses) character who inhabits a more grounded world. Irrespective of why, it is save to say Mandarin probably won't be popping into Avengers 2, but there is a good chance Malekith and Loki might. Onto the Trailer

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Criticism of The Coherence Of Bioshock Infinite's Post Credit Sequence And Ending In General


What About Cynics Podcast Question Call

Yo yo diggedy dog my sweet brothers and sisters. Just updating that we are making our podcasts more regular from this point (recording them every sunday with release on monday, if we can pull ourselves together hopefully).  Although our fanbase is very small, we thought it'd be a mildly nice way to get you guys involved and an easy content boost if we asked you for your questions or topics that we could chat about in the podcasts.

Even subjects to do specials on are welcome. I'm so happy to talk, I'll take anything from Toy Story 4 to Boston Bombings, so don't hold back.

Add your questions or suggestions in the comments of the podcast section of the website

Thankyou for the support of anyone who checks in regularly. We appreciate it. Mmmm fearing however that I might be shitting all over the cynical aspect of the website I'll add that I don't care about any of you and something extreme like raping a baby's ass.

Have a nice day