Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What About Cynics Podcast #1 - JJ Abrams And The Sexist Bioshock Boxart

It's the first official episode of the What About Cynics Podcast. Get excited, if you really have that little to live for.

Here as normal we talk about games and films and inevitably end up complaining about the grey sludge producing, glasses wearing, brunette man known as JJ Abrams and his connection to Star Wars. And we look into the apparent sexism of the new Bioshock Infinite boxart, but in a way so is so basic and shallow that if our observations were a puddle they wouldn't even be deep enough to drown a two year old.

Anyway, as it was made for entertainment reasons, enjoy.

So, What About Cynics? (Updates, Hotline Miami and North Korea Edition)

Hello there, long time, I guess. If you are one of the inexplicable 300-500 (on average over the last month) people who check out this website daily, you may have noticed that I haven't been posting recently and for that I am sorry. If you follow the shenanigans of my life via this website or twitter, read on, if not, skip to the funny stuff down below. Ok, so you will be pleased to hear hopefully that the reason I haven't posted for this entire period of time hasn't been down to my break up, it is mostly because I've been really busy with university work. I won't go into the whole sob story of why I was behind as it really isn't interesting. But safe to say after April 11th I will have a lot more time for the website and content creation at large.
(I don't currently look this suave, check end of article for actual representation)
 I made this to signal my return, but I realised that posting it would make me look like a dick...
Ahh damnit. 

So yes, I apologise for my absence, but now I'm back and writing (When I should probably be writing a boring project on Denmark), what should I write about, well I figure, short of making this another dire "I update you on stuff I plan to do one", it'll only be half that, and half stuff I've been doing on my month away. First things first though, let us talk shop.