Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What about fennecs?

Yo, Semen gobla here with my first (of many? Perhaps? Unless I get fired for the inevitable racial slurs occurring in later works) webcomic.
Its one of them poke'monz that are in with the kids these days, the stance on the subject is that fennekin is presumed fire/psychic. 
An added note, I don't know why but Chapman insisted being portrayed in basketball attire, which is why he  looks like he's about to hit da court up.


Introducing The Pilot And Co-Pilot Episodes Of The 'What About Cynics Sporadic Podcast'

It's the thing you've all not been waiting for, to finally hear the dull and badly recorded voices of the people behind the words.

If however you are a fan of the site, have nothing else to do, lick cats, smoke crack, have a strange habit of starting the evening doing important life forwarding work but find yourself at five in the morning with the pale sunlight leaking its way under your closed blinds while you find yourself in a lifeless haze chewing on a cold ham sandwich with a stale lump of cheese covered in HP sauce as a side dish while simultaneously dreaming about a better life that you're currently more satisfied with just numbly fantasising about while watching endless Robert De Niro interviews on Youtube which aren't even that interesting but because he's such a respected actor you're tricking yourself into thinking they're insightful in any way, or all of the above?

Then this just might be the Podcast for you.

Here's a double helping just to give you a little taste. And by little, I mean 4 hours worth. Enjoy.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Suggested Website Re-design

This is the new website banner design from our new in-house artist, or talentless hack who's free and produces new stuff quickly on paint at the expense of any form of quality or thought and then plays off the amateur nature of his work as an art style and not just a lack of skill.

Tell us what you think about this brave new direction?

The New and Improved What About Cynics Webcomic

A little update from the Webcomics side of whatever the hell this organisation is supposed to be. Our previous artist has been laid off for increasingly late turn in dates, stealing and drinking on the job. In order to rectify this we have decided to bring on board a new artist (in the loosest sense). He brings with him a new art style and hopefully some fresh ideas.

I present to you his first piece. The basic idea of the piece is that people want to fuck my grandmother who has been annoyingly deemed as a GILF. Enjoy it anyway. I'm sure there'll be more comics of this high quality on the way soon from our new contributor, the aptly named Semen Gobla.

Oh and Simon has short hair now if you need some context as to who the down syndrome Martin Freeman lookalike is.

Edit: My bad, I've been informed that apparently the person in the comic I believed was Simon is actually Chapman. Not sure if this reflects badly on me or worse on the guy that drew it.