Thursday, 14 February 2013

News: The Pope Resigns: Do I care? Should you?

So no-one can claim the News is boring. While I say
this even during periods which could charitably described as a "Slow News week". For example, until two days ago, when all anyone was going on about in Britain was the fact that some really, really
cheap Lasagna  ready meals might contain Horse, and then might only contain Horse. Now, other than mis-labelling I don't really see the problem. If you are going to give someone a Horse Lasagna, sell it as one. The mixing thing is slightly less defendable, but only because it doesn't sound like very good consistency/hygiene. But hell, these things are like £1.00, what were you expecting? (Ok, I just heard some might have had painkillers in, that is pretty rough, I'm glad these are getting pulled).

You are willing to eat Dead Animal X, but Dead Animal Y crops up and suddenly everyone has a photoshop/joke to tell.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

News: Pixar's Inside Out Confirmed (aka The Numskulls)

Sorry the updating schedule hasn't quite got back to normal yet. Things are still pretty hectic over here on my end, but hey, at least one of the other Cynics uploaded something, it gives you hope. Anyway. Today we have a news flash. I'm usually against these things, but I think I've got just enough material to pad out talking about Pixar's new project "Inside out".

So in the Cynics office (Read: Internet) there has been worry over whether Pixar's latest project, Monster's University, looks to their usual high standard. The argument seems to go as followed, that revisiting the Monster's Inc universe to tell a story of them in education is hardly a mind blowing pitch, and that the level of jokes we have so far in the promotional trailers are hardly convincing us of the necessity. One of our number even said he was turned off after interviews with the production staff. Also, being honest, the University jokes are pretty lame.

Oh god, they are wearing Varsity Letterman jackets.