Sunday, 27 January 2013

Board Game Unboxing: Twilight Imperiam: Rex: Final Days of an Empire

So today is a momentous day in this site's history, we get quite a lot of views for our articles on Board Games, which is strange, considering they aren't generally in the mainstream, but I suppose with the growing popularity of more complex Board Games we are filling a gap in the market at the right time. With that in mind, here is a complex board game I think you should probably all look into if you are a fan of our Game of Thrones series of guides. I present to you...Rex. (Note, I'm not the usual Board Games guy and I've never played this game, so don't expect miracles, just look at the pictures).

Or to give it it's offensively long title "Twilight Imperium: Rex: The Final days of an Empire".

Note, this is an unboxing of my actual copy of Rex, so all the photos you see are of my first opening of said mythical game box in my house. All not very exciting, but hey, if you are looking for new board games to play, this might just be it. Rex is set in the Twilight Imperium universe, owned by Fantasy Flight Games (who you might recognise as the company behind Game of Thrones Board Game and Battlestar Galactica Board Game). It details the beginning of an intergalactic war, with the six playable factions all struggling for the Imperial Capital of Mecatol Rex. Each faction is a corresponding alien race, you have the human faction, who started blowing everything up (Sol Federation), the mystic ninja turtles (Xxcha), the angry grey elves(Letnev), a race of floating brains(Jol-Nar), four armed bureaucrats (Lazax), and a race of trading tiger Jews (The Hacan).