Sunday, 10 November 2013

Poetry Corner 00: 99 Years

Remembrance day is always a strange one for me, it brings out a big internal conflict. Feel free to ignore this. 

I cannot comprehend.
I dare not try.

I am not a patriotic man
Not since youth have I been.
But I respect human life
And men who saw more than any should have seen

They did not fight for freedom
They did not have the vote. 
Now thousands are lost.
And yet politicians gloat. 

99 Years since 1914
Not round enough to care.
You wait a year from now
Then we will have a fair.

Remembrance day has become a sham
"I care more than you"
It sickens me to write this.
This is how modernity, a tradition chew.

But you'll forgive me.
If I indulge this sin.
For this is a tribute.
In these fields lay my kin.
In these fields lay catastrophe
All that is left is Entropy 


  1. Aaron, it is always apparant when you speak from the heart, and your best poems do. I was moved by this.

    Here's mine:

    mile upon mile
    the red dance they do
    growing in profusion
    red on red on red
    where soldiers fought in battles
    Barely knowing what it was to live
    before they died
    now look at how the poppies grow
    side by side.

  2. Did not see that coming...
    Damn man.

  3. So many people wouldn't speak about what happened in the two world wars. It would seem more reverant to leave it at these two poems.

  4. So long as there are men, there will be wars - Albert Einstein.

  5. Everyone should read All Quiet on the Western Front. The best book to get across that all sides felt the same and went through the same horrors.

    Aaron, brilliant poem for today.

  6. Read Making History by Stephen Fry. Eye opening view of the world had Hitler never been born .