Saturday, 26 October 2013

Romanian MEP opposes no legislation 541 times in a row and Totalbiscuit.

So in-lieu of my outrage article about the Totalbiscuit scandal which was resolved earlier in the week, thankfully by "Wild Games Studio" caving to overwhelming pressure and a truly awful metacritic onslaught, I'm going to brighten your Friday with a funny tale from the continent and my beloved European Union. Because hey, I'd be a terrible liberal (Read: go insane) if I couldn't poke fun at the institutions I love.

For all those interested in Youtuber's legal standing. Go watch. 

(This story actually won out against the whole "Jackie Chan is misquoted as being really anti-Japanese" thing. Read into that what you will)
So pictured below is completely unassuming smiley Romanian Member of the European Parliament Dumitri Zamfirescu. What makes him unique and worth talking about? Well, he really hates saying no to things. The political version of Jim Carey's Yes Man, Mister Zamfirescu (a name I'm glad I only have to type) continually votes either yes or an abstain. Sure, this might be fine, it could just be the wording of the questions, perhaps he is a real social revolutionary who wants continuous, unending change? Well, lets find out.

Give this man a situation comedy.
(When In Romania)

Should images depicting the effects of smoking be emblazoned upon the package? Why of course. Should images depicting the effects of smoking be removed from the packages? Bloody right! Raise the budget? Sure...Lower the Budget, damn straight. 50%? Yes. 65%? Very yes. To call the man a political yo-yo would be a disservice to the toy because at least thought is put into the motion of a yo-yo. His longest yes streak was 63, hopefully a record. 

Oh European Union building, why are you so beautiful to me?

So why does this man vote A) Nearly constantly, having missed only 18 votes in the passed session, and B) in such apathetic a fashion, and if there is any doubt in your mind, it is apathetic, and I quote:

" "At times he has absolutely no voting documents in front of him,” Ehrenhauser said – without which it is impossible to even know what a vote is on, because they are only identified by a reference number."

And why? Because he gets paid the more he votes. The European Union works on a system that the more you participate, the more money you get. Which is incredible really, that literally selling your vote to lobbyists is less profitable than merely turning up and continuously voting, maybe he is playing Harvest Moon as well? Like John McCann at that senate hearing

Here is a quote from the man himself "I vote ‘yes’ because I agree with all the proposals.”What a complex and beautiful individual.

It is perhaps worth noting, as we wrap up this quick joke of a news story, that the man himself is affiliated with some pretty nasty ultra-nationalists who at one point advocated mass-execution and labour camps. So perhaps apathy is a great new life choice for the man?

Now we just need to wait for someone to try and spin this into a "European Union is in decline!" story...

"This simply proves that a number of EU representatives are just in it for the money - and couldn't care less about what they are voting for. Another reason to exit this ridiculous Brussels run club."



    1. He only speaks one word of English but it has served him well so far.

      1. You'd be surprised how many people in my seminar groups I could try and apply this sentence to.

    2. Aaron Chapman, MEP. It has a certain ring to it.

      1. I would be in my element. I wanted to be an MP when I was about 17-18, clearly a corrupted teenage development.

    3. Glad to see you're still a soggy leftist liberal. If there is an in/out referendum on the EU I hope you'll do an all night commentary again. The Obama one was your finest hour.

      1. Unfortunately I'll be much too busy fire-bombing known UKIP bars and Conservative clubs that evening, but I'll stream it directly from jail the next day. (Of course I will, if it gets that far).