Monday, 9 September 2013

Poetry Corner 9: Simulation

Sorry it is late, one sentence took four times as long as the rest of the poem. Always the way. Also, no Harvey Spellcheck so please don't shoot me. Hope you enjoy it more than me. (bonus points if you guess Aaron's dodgy rhyme of the week)

In the world of constant things to do.
Infinite stimulation
The disconnect between me and you.
Through continuous simulation.

Why would I meet new people
with such pleasant social castration
when the mere act of being feels so regal
irrespective of location 

The silence I do enjoy
though a hypocrite for the duration.
With some friends, a clever ploy
with others, strains relation.

Some will look at me with disgust
what a hideous social mutation.
I dispel the idea, as I must.
My constant self-affirmation.

A nag of doubt at the back of my mind.
Do I need salvation?
A saviour from constant narration?
Continuous Sedation?
Mind-numbing Frustration?
Repetitive Stimulation?
Endless Simulation?

At least there is no Temptation...


  1. This is up there with your best. Spotted the dodgy rhyme but it didn't matter and wouldn't have if i wasn't looking. I enjoyed the pace of this and wholly get the sentiment.

    Well played, as ever.

    I have really struggled this week. I nearly had nothing unless i unleashed a ditty about dead birds and i thought you were worth more than that. This one wrote itself yesterday, sorry if it's a bit dour.

    Soldier on Duty

    A dog with no home
    A child, skin and bone
    Dark sky
    Shells fly
    But no other sound
    For miles around.
    It's not again
    I miss the rain.

    We sit and we wait
    Feeling nothing
    Not hate
    Not hate, just the fear
    Of sitting

    1. It's hot again, not it's not again. I need a Harvey.

    2. Liked the poem alot. Harvey's are very low on stock at the moment. We're all far to busy not pre-reading Aaron's stuff.

    3. Sorry I only just got around to replying, University is starting up again so I'm having to break out of 4 months of nihilism.

      Spelling mistake aside, very good, people have a war theme going this week, must be all this Syria talk.

  2. Well done, Aaron, this is really good.

    Love the phrase "social castration".

  3. Is Harvey Spell check available in the shops?

    1. Unfortunately Harvey spell check is not stocked in most major suppliers. The only place it is readily available is in my basement. Feel free to visit and purchase yours today.

    2. Hope there's a guarantee, don't want sporadic reliability.

  4. Shell shock

    The lawn mower
    (Machine gun rattle
    Friend runs out
    Blown apart)
    Tea cups rattle
    (Re load! Re load,)
    A door slams
    (The bomb that fell
    A few feet away
    My hand gone)
    A bell
    (Ambulance consumed by smoke
    No help today)
    Kind voices
    (Safe now, but never safe)
    It's ok, they say
    Tea at 4.

    1. Impressive, especially on a subject I'd struggle to write about.