Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Poetry Corner 8: Cynics@Comic Con

(Once again Harvey was supposed to look over and post this, hence the 12 hour delay. Bon Appetite)

Hello everyone, we just got back from Comic Con, and while I forgot to bring my camera so there are no pictures (Except all of us got a picture on the Iron Throne that I will try and make people upload at some point). So yeah, it was really fun, there was some great costumes, some cool stars, got to see Brian Blessed, Anthony Head...Syrio Forel...The cast of Red Dwarf? Bought some cool stuff as well, like a Totoro keyring and a Death Note. The next one is in October. I'm looking forward to getting another 50 3DS spot-passes.
(Article writing resumes tomorrow. Look out for more podcasts as well) ((Forgive the terrible strain it was to rhyme everything with "con", I think I wore out that bit way too early, oh well, what better way than poems to be wax lyrical about your life) 

It is a credit to Comic Con's everywhere that no-one tried to pop his balloons. 

We woke at the break of dawn
Or perhaps nearer seven
Enough to make you yawn
When you frequently wake up at eleven.

We assembled on the lawn
Five people stuffed in a car
An hour away from Comic Con
Seemed immeasurably far.

The convention hall marked by peons.
And an impressive queue
A sneaking suspicion this was Comic Con  
From about 80 of Doctor Who.

As we looked at Sci-Fi long gone.
And a mix of happy and sad stars
I realised that the people of Comic Con
Aren't necessarily of ours.

But with that said, we had a bomb
Stalls dedicated to action figures, and loving Nippon.
From me you shall get no qualm.
I'll certainly attend the next Comic Con.


  1. I was wondering if we were on this weekend. I had to smile at qualm rhyming with Con but I won't judge. As usual your poem is miles better than mine. I decided to be topical, but then had to add the last line because the situation keeps changing.

    Slam dunk, done it again
    Wrong call is the refrain
    Should have been bolder and played the game
    So an era ends.

    The USA are saying boo
    You don't help us but we helped you
    Notwithstanding World War 2
    So make amends.

    We didn't follow the USA
    Decided to go our own sweet way
    Our special bond is over they say
    Fairweather friends!

    Or are they?

    1. We appear to be in tune. I was considering doing one on the special relationship.

    2. (Great work hopefully being implicit at this point)

    3. Write it anyway, it's got to be better than my effort.

  2. See, this is why you need Harvey:"what better way than poems to be wax lyrical about your laugh". ????

    Enjoyed regardless of totally meaningless statement.

    1. Wax Lyrical is a legitimate phrase, depressingly being tired made me write laugh instead of life. I'm never under the impression I don't need Harvey. Thank you.

    2. That's right my little bitch. Never forget it.

  3. Iron throne from Game of Thrones
    The cynics could not pass
    It's hard to sit
    On a jaggedy bit
    Lest a sword go up your...arm.

    I'm dead jealous.

    1. In my attempt to not blink I looked near terrified of the throne.

  4. Please put that photo on this site!

    1. Aaron in any photo is hilarious cause it always looks like he's being held at gunpoint. The iron throne one looks abit mental. So what I'm really saying is, yes I agree, cause it's really funny. And dignified.

    2. ...and, presumably, there's one of you sat on it as well...?

    3. Yeah, but his isn't funny, presumably another advantage of Harvey's upbringing was his ability to look suave in any photo he even remotely tries for.

      (I always look moments away from forced sodomy)

  5. Are we poeming? Is poeming a word?

    1. Poeming has been delayed from Sunday to Monday. Terribly sorry, Sunday just seems like a better day for Poetry =/