Sunday, 18 August 2013

Poetry Corner 6: To Be A Nerd

We are going to try and be more light hearted today. After studying what is poetry and love, let us get down to something more pleasant, though no less important. Pop Culture, more specifically, the Nerd.

Thank you, I hope you don't mind me using your incredible jpeg.
(I'll get around to dissecting Big Bang Theory one day, I promise)

Recently, I was called too attractive to be a Nerd.
I found the claim most absurd.
And not just the one of me, "attractive"
But why this should influence how I live.

Nerd is a label, Ill-defined at best
And yet I still wear it proud on my chest
So while that might reflect poorly
There is no better word to sum up me.

To me, being a Nerd is to have a passion for living
Stuff is interesting, whether Science or Gaming.
I can like Poetry one day, Science Fiction the next
Diligently research a book's proper context.

Why would I give that up because my appearance changed?
If I ever do, consider me deranged.
Why would I stop being interested in things
For we, the Nerds, truly are kings.


  1. You have captured nerdship with your usual flair. Good stuff. I thought I'd write something topical to this week.

    Defence or Addiction

    If you get the urge
    To play
    All day, every day

    As chen
    Or sven
    As a troll
    Or tortured soul
    Or to fight
    As a knight
    Or Stonebreaker, who's very burly
    Or Windrunner, who looks quite girly

    If you play for hours
    Getting powers
    Destroying towers

    What then?
    You start another game
    While Harvey waits for you to stop
    In vain.

    1. Haha, the last stanza might be my favourite within a context ever. If the other two haven't seen this I'll make sure they do straight away.

  2. Oh, and Aaron, if it was a girl who said you were "too attractive...." she fancies you. If it was a guy, er um..he fancies you.

  3. @Aaron We overly intellectual obsessives (dictionary def) should be proud. Good poem.

    1. If only I'd worked it out sooner, thank you kindly.

  4. Para o divertimento nos amarramos um anao a um aviao pequeno.

  5. Minotaurs and centaurs
    I really must endorse
    One has a bull's head
    And one is half a horse
    And if you get the two confused
    You look an a*se ofcourse!

    1. Never ignored, I used to have a checklist for replying to the comments but I lost it in the computer transfer. Clearly I rely on it more than I realised.

      I read this at the time and laughed heartily, still do.