Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Now You See Me: Now You See Film Review

Sorry for my long gap of not posting or commenting, I've just added this to the front of the review in case anyone missed my response to the comments. Sorry if I'm being a bit soppy at the moment, that kind of mood, but really appreciate it. Now, onto Movie Reviewing!

Now You See Me is a film I wish had been utterly terrible. I could have made so many amazing jokes if it had been terrible. Such as the following.

  • Now You See Me: Wish I Hadn't!
  • Now You See Me: Nothing But Smoke And Mirrors
  • Now You See Me: Combine a bunch of Successful acting pairs into a sub-standard Louis Leterrier film.
And so on. But I actually enjoyed Now You See Me, something I wasn't really expecting due to the steady stream of average reviews I had heard from friends and critics alike. I mean it wasn't incredible, we aren't talking Nolan levels of film making, but I'd say NYSM breaches easily 7/10 and into 8/10. I guess now I just need to explain why. To the varied fonts!

1. Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent 

In a film about charismatic, talented, almost super-natural magicians performing a series of world-altering robberies across the Northern Hemisphere, the two actors and characters who really stood out to me in this was Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent. Now both of them have impressed me previously, Laurent playing the incredible Shoshanna in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds and Mark Ruffalo in both his obvious defining career booster as Marvel's Bruce Banner and also props for him in Shutter Island because he was in my opinion the only consistent performance within that movie.

But yes, they really went above and beyond here, I imagine they will win any award I invent for best chemistry, even with the sometimes minimal time together they are given. While the arc they underwent was slightly generic to start with, it was acted superbly and felt like the most grounded, realistic thing in an otherwise mad world.

(I also might be slightly in favour of the beautiful European falls for scruffy Anglo combination as Mark Ruffalo is probably the most beautiful 6/10 in Hollywood).

2. Everyone else was really good.

The rest of the cast list read:

Jessie Eisenberg
Woody Harrelson
Isla Fisher
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine
And that Franco who isn't James Franco and so my interest is quite low.

Now short of not-James Franco, that is a pretty damn incredible cast for a film that received a relatively small media push, Leterrier and the casting guys inspiration was clearly coming out of the late 2000s. "Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were great in that movie about Heath Ledger, lets make that" "Woody Harrelson and Jessie Eisenberg on-screen together is a joke that basically writes itself, we can do that". And I think it largely works, Freemand and Caine have good gravity in a cast of younger actors like Eisenberg, Not-James and Fisher. Freeman's interactions with the police are also very interesting and it introduces a slightly larger than usual cast for this type of movie to great effect.

3. Everything else was just acceptable enough to not make it the wreck everyone said it was.

Script is pretty good.
Interaction between characters is great
Some of the setups are very well done.
A surprisingly funny movie, but given Eisenberg/Harrelson/Ruffalo I suppose this was a given.
The twist while slightly out there, upon being thought about seems to make great sense to me. (If anyone does have a plot-hole that is inarguable, please point it out).
Possible setup for a sequel that I would gladly watch.

So good work Leterrier, you've made a movie that I'm not ashamed to say I like.

4. And now to blow your mind quickly as a finish to this review.

Isla Fisher everyone...Yup. Mary Jane. 


  1. Your enthusiasm lead me to check out rotten tomatoes. Gosh, but they don't like it. Quote "the oceans 11 of the magic world...fails to achieve its potential". It does look like fun though, and i guess you would recommend it?

    1. Yeah, the amount it was disliked made me actively go hunt down criticisms. Most are easily refutable though. Given how low standards most critics have normally (coughPacificRimcough), I'm surprised. Guess it will remain a mystery

    2. Sorry yes I'd recommend it, not heartily, but none the less, check it out.

  2. I can't believe Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman would be in any film that they didn't consider worth watching, not as if they can't be choosey. However, thought the same about Johnny Depp.

    1. Michael Caine had a really good interview that I saw somewhere a long time ago and now can't remember. Anyway in it he basically said that he knows which movies he does will end up being bad movies, but it's just that they're easy money and that "in life, to have a high standard of living, sometimes you must do a low standard of work". So he actually does them on purpose.

      I assume Morgan's the same.

    2. You'd think his standard of living was high enough, though I can't really think of a bad film with Michael Caine in it on the fly. I'm sure you'll prove me wrong.

    3. Journey 2:the mysterious island. Got 2 stars on rotten toms so couldn't be that good.

    4. Jaws: The Revenge. That film sucks donkey dicks, but also falls into the so bad it's good category.

      I actually quite liked the mysterious island. It was shitty, but funny because of how stupid it is.

    5. And I would say Harry Brown as well, but I have a feeling he actually thought that was a good film when he made it.

    6. Also interestingly, apparently Michael Caine also missed accepting his first oscar because he was filming Jaws. Wonder if he regretted that.

  3. Are we on for a poetry extravaganza this weekend? I have absolutely nothing in mind.

    1. Aaron seems to have one in the works I think. Get dose rhymes ready.