Friday, 16 August 2013

Dota 2: Team Cynics. (WaC)

Update: Since writing we played another Official Team Game, and won. So undefeated thus far.As you might be aware if you read Harvey's snipes in the comment section, me and Simon have started playing a (totally healthy) amount of Dota 2, and as with many purely multiplayer experiences, there comes a point where you reach a certain skill threshold and you think.

"Boy we don't completely suck at this game"

And so consequently, after roughly 3 minutes of deliberation, planning, and hastily made jpegs I give you.

The What About Cynics League Dota 2 Team. WAC for short, Cynics in full. If you can't make it out, our Logo is the trusty "What About Cynics" set on murky blue. Me and Simon are on it, and if Harvey ever decides to actually play it, he is more than welcome. This screenshot is from the play of our first official WaC game, which I will now show you.

So in Official Team Dota you play a mode called Captains Mode, our captain was Simon. The team we were against was "Namaz Clan". As you can see, their logo kicks our asses. Captains Mode allows you to ban five heroes interspersed with picking your own five, it makes the game of picking and counterpicking in setup very integral and indeed sometimes games can be lost as early as this.

We think our picks must have caused disagreement between their time as they ran out of time whereas we communicated our team quite nicely. Close up of the line-up coming now.

On team Cynics we have Simon in the middle (Hanged Hourai) as a character called Juggernaut, Me on the far right playing a ginger archer called Windrunner (Not my main choice I swear). Our friends Stoi and Jimbo playing Doom and Lich respectively with the last picking a character called "Outworld Devourer", our friend Agricola plays the middle lane.

Here is a team shot as we begin.The big Green and Black thing (OD) went mid. Our friends Stoi and Jimbo went top.

Me and Simon as our respective characters in the pre-battle stage, giving ourselves line of sight. Yes I'm aware my character is very girly. I swear the rest are (mostly) real tanks.

This was just to get a shot of the poor job I did on the banners. Also I think we look kind of cool here.

Me and Simon as Windrunner/Juggernaut are a fairly lethal combination. This is us securing the 2nd kill on a character called Treant Protector.

And here is the fifth kill.

And bang, Ancient defeated after they surrendered on us going 25-5. Our first game of Team Dota won. I know it isn't a big deal. Before anyone decries me of gloating we won a single Dota match.

 But Harvey told me to write an article on Dota. So here it is. Poetry is up next. After that I'm reviewing some anime. Oh and we are making a podcast tomorrow. Busy busy.


  1. Bit of a late night upload. Looks like an interesting game, hope you make something of it.

  2. Glory and honour to the cynics at last!

  3. Last picture-very small trees.

  4. Whatever happened to the inspirational art of Semen Gobla?

    1. He was very on off even when we lived in the same house. Now he has moved away he is harder to bug for content. I'm sure we can force him to produce a few more pieces though.