Saturday, 27 July 2013

Poetry Corner 4: What Separates Us From Them

Terribly sorry, this is what happens when I get confident enough to do experimental poetry, then immediately regret it as soon as I've tried. So yeah, ignore this one, and within 4 days I should have one based around pop culture again. This was primarily inspired from reading Confederacy of Dunces, I finished it on the train from Berlin to Warsaw. 

Also, I'm currently house sitting, so forgive me if the formatting on this is poor, I'm not using my computer but a friend's laptop.

Someone asked me recently.
What IS poetry.
I thought a moment
And then went.

Poetry is more than sum of it's parts.

Poetry is creating prosaic art
Poetry is bounding grace
Poetry can be rhythmic pace
She looked at me confused and said.

But this all just comes from inside your head.
All Poetry seems to be is words
The pretension attached, in the absurd.

Poetry is deriving deeper meaning
From words combined, greater things gleaming.
And also Poetry is not just rhyme.
 This is thought, too much of the time.
Poetry can stun in the purely aesthetic
Perhaps what makes it so utterly magnetic.
Also this Stanzas Irony
Certainly is not lost on me.

But to capture the beauty of Poetry.
Will take a greater mind than me
All I can give you is a brief glimpse
Of an art, quite lost on chimps. 


  1. This is brilliant. Your best by far. I, too, have strayed from my usual style. Hope it's not eeeuugh.

    Syria Dawn

    Syria dawn
    Sun against a blood red sky
    The call to prayer
    The faith she leaps

    Syria morning
    Sun a ball of fire
    Sapping the air
    The harvest she reaps

    Syria night
    Sun is gone, bright stars
    Such silence is rare
    The sleep she sleeps

    Syria death
    Her land torn apart
    Her beauty laid bare
    The tears she weeps.

    1. I'm not related to the site, but this was also incredible

    2. Excellent as ever, and an article ahead to boot. Sorry it took until now to read, such tardiness shalln't occur again.

  2. Also, love the lines..this stanza's irony, is not lost on me. Write more like this. You have a gift!

    1. Thanks, I felt it was too cheeky to get away with. But it might just work.

  3. What is Confederacy of Dunces about?

    1. It's also a satire about American life during the sixties. I'm reading it at the moment. It's pretty over the top satire about how stupid and lazy people are, which is summed up by the main character being a ridiculously obese, lazy and snobbish intellectual. It's clearly very angry and frustrated which would explain why the author very quickly killed himself after failing to publish it. Definitely worth a read though.

  4. Grey, grey, grey
    A prison cell
    The depth of hell

    Colourless and sad
    But still the sounds
    Of souls in torment
    The endless days
    No sun, no light.

    Yet on the floor
    An orange
    Left the day before
    Some guard not thinking right.
    Orange bright
    Orange peel, the feel
    The sight.

    In my despair
    I sit
    And stare.

    1. Good sir I never do this to these comment poems, but that was pretty damn good.

  5. Was that the last line you were disappointed with? I like it.

    1. Yeah it was, I've grown to like it. Sadly adding a picture of a primate made me accept it more. The simple things, thank you.

  6. @Aaron. This is really good. Agree with above comment, it is an art lost on chimps.

    1. Thank you very much, sorry for my late response. I felt it was too condescending.

  7. Evergreens

    In a wilderness too far to cross
    So vast a space, you could get lost
    I followed you in restless dreams
    Down forest paths of evergreens

    You didn't know you made love hell
    How could you know
    I did not tell

    Your smile that caught me from the start
    And bid me 'follow'
    Broke my heart.

    I promise that was the first and last.

    1. A shame, it was absolutely charming, I'm sad I didn't read/comment sooner.