Friday, 28 June 2013

What About Cynics Podcast #9 - Post E3 Drought and The Spoilerific Review: Man Of Steel & Last Of Us

So nothing happened this week. Yes there was some questionable breaches of security in the US, the whistle blower is caught in Moscow now, creating some uncomfortable relations between the two superpowers that we haven't seen since their decades long tiff a few years back. Oh and Brasil had some riots or something, something about corruption. Who knows.

But anyway nothing happened, because E3 happened and sucked all the interesting news away with it as it disappeared back into its void. So we've teamed up to just chat about the few interesting major releases we saw this holiday from both the film and gaming worlds.

We discuss some average Man of Steel, some excellent The Last of Us, and Aaron complains for abit about what a cheap marketing tactic World War Z was by licencing a book its based on, apparently.So enjoy the films, enjoy the games and most of all enjoy the special guest stars who jump in randomly because we no longer have our own teamspeak server to record in, a problem which we'll be fixing shortly. If you thought this was a studio job, then you thought wrong.

Anyway enjoy and like and subscribe if you feel like it.


  1. i think he found the spaceship because on one of his random odd jobs he hears some news story or something and so then gets a new job that will take him near to investigate.

    1. Yeah, upon watching it a second time, I realised he found out at the roadstop café when those two military guys were talking.

    2. Why the hell did you put yourself through it twice?

  2. WWZ prime for a remake in 10-15 years then?