Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Poetry Corner #1: Consoles: To Xbone or to Wii at E3

So after that brief round of poetry in the comment section, i decided that it might be a fun thing to create weekly, as to be topic, short, and hopefully entertaining. I might even read them out on youtube if you ask nicely.

We are all Xbone'd

Every June in LA, the Gaming Industry does gather.
For conferences, reveals and promotions, all that sort of blather.

Though this year is rather special, for it is a new generation!
But wait, does this generation, deserve our adulation?
For why is it here, why is it now?
To turn gamers into cash cows?
To stamp down on consumer rights, and pre-owned games?
To market aggressively, regardless of shame?

That doesn't sound right, a lone Cynic cries!
But some don't listen, dollar signs in their eyes.

And it is these helpless fools, so eager to buy
Prime reasons the console industry, continues to die.

These plebs, who splash for DLC, and buy yearly Madden. 
They exacerbate the problem, I continue to sadden.

When Sony is rewarded for stating the obvious.
When Microsoft aren't punished for being quite oblivious.
Only disaster will follow, if we continue down this path.
Thankfully I own a PC, so I'll just watch the aftermath.

So who knows if this will turn out to be a thing? I will try and construct one weekly, probably around the weekends. Please leave your feedback, criticism etc. As well as any interesting poetic structures you know other than 1-2, which was, as you can tell, this weeks.


  1. Has the internet anything to show more fair
    Than these blogs and podcasts put on air?
    Simon, the expert on g.o.t.
    The jj abrams hating Billy B
    Semen Gobla's dodgey art
    And Aaron, the bossman from the start,
    If you're mad, don't go to private clinics
    Just join the website that is Cynics!

    1. See below (and thank you for the Bossman comment, I'm blushing)

  2. On either side of gaming lie
    The latest stuff for which we'd die
    Playstation 4 is on a high
    Where Nintendo wii is not
    But for entertainment never ending
    Gaming, music, browsing, trending
    And priced at 4 2 9 pounds pending
    The microsoft xbox!

    1. You guys are putting me to shame here. Very well done on both counts.

      Poems are something I do in my spare time anyway, so hopefully some concise cutting criticism can occur.

  3. Your poem was a shellyan masterpiece of critical appraisal enhanced by humour and spontineity. I love this poetry spot!

  4. Are you really going to read these out on you tube?