Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fire Emblem Awakening: Marriage and Support Problems

So I have a little notebook I carry around, and in it I have my priority list for articles I need to write, currently in the top two places are an easily digestible summary of the Syrian Civil War and the surrounding political factors as requested on the site, and an article about the Marriage system in a JRPG I've been playing on the 3DS...As you can tell from the title of this article, I picked the infinitely more infantile one. Oh well, prepare for a look at how seriously I take in-game romance...And eugenics. (Syria to come soon).

Hopefully you should be able to click to enlarge this, but yeah, these are all the character. Many of which are involved in my aforementioned Marriage crisis. 

Ok, so, as I write this I'm well aware this will probably branch into multiple articles, as I want to keep it fairly short, and the amount of pictures/explanation I need will be fairly large, but I want to give you a small glimpse into how this system works. Ok, ready? Basically, you have a band of warriors, as they fight alongside each other, the "support" of these warriors increases, they become closer, dialogue occurs between them and they work more effectively together. Aggressively heterosexual in nature, if a man and a woman reach a certain Support rank, called "S" they become married. Later down the line, they will have a child who, for reasons of plot convolution, will be able to fight with you as adults later down the line. As such, the choice of marriage between partners serves a gameplay aspect, but more important...I find it really damn cute to match them all up, so without further ado, I'll give you the two couples I have already set up, and the two women I'm currently considering pairing up before continuing with the story.

Marriage Number 1: Chrom and Sumia

As Simon who also plays this stated, Chrom and Sumia are basically the closest the game gets to a "default couple" to the point of which Chrom is the only person who gets forced into a marriage, and Sumia is most likely to be the one of which he marries. Chrom's marriage selection pool is surprisingly low, consisting of maybe only 3-4 women who aren't Sumia. I had basically accepted that this one was going to happen, partially because Chrom is fairly uninteresting and Sumia seems hellbent on getting him. I probably wouldn't have committed to it though had the plot not made me, such is the levels of my non-committal relationship bug in this game.

They get a CG scene together, which is basically Fire Emblem code for meant to be.


Sumia and Chrom are a special case that don't really fit into the categories I'll be espousing for the rest of the couples, because I didn't really have time to test them out with anyone else. I think if I was going to try Sumia with someone else, it would be Frederick (because he needs someone and the Knight/Pegasus Knight combo makes me happy) or Gaius because all his interactions are gold. The "My Unit character" inventively called Aaron for me, probably wouldn't get a look in, his choice is hard enough already.


Whereas Sumia basically exists to be Chrom's, Chrom is a pretty central character, including being the Lord of this game, and therefore instant-fail if he dies. However, as stated above, his choices as pitifully low, basically coming down to the "snobby" character Maribelle, and the "Exotic Dancer" Olivia, though the latter is gained a mission before Chrom is forcibly married off, and so not very viable. I think this couple satisfies me, I might like to try him and Olivia, but she has better suitors than the Prince of Ylisse in my opinion. Also he can marry Sully, who is in the second actually married pair in my very non-committal, but lusty army.

Their Children

I won't show a picture of their kid as it maybe spoilerific at this point, but safe to say Chrom is unique yet again in this respect as he is one of only two men in the game who has an associated Child. All the others come from the female pool with the male hair colour. Chrom's child is also completely unique in that it does not even inherit the hair colour of his partner, she will look exactly the same irrespective of scenario. As such she doesn't really lend herself to much discussion for these two reasons. This girl also has a sister who I have yet to unlock, and as such won't include in one of these articles until I do. 

Marriage Number 2: Sully and Stahl

Sully and Stahl are probably the OTP (One true pairing) of the characters, though of course without an official canon that is debatable. The two of them hold together a trope frequent in the Fire Emblem games, that of a Red Cavalier and a Green Cavalier. This fact is even referenced by Sully, who talks of Cain and Abel, the Cavaliers from another Fire Emblem game.The two are pretty opposed in personality, but the support conversations quickly endear the two. Stahl is a largely apathetic, laid back guy who likes to eat and sleep. Sully is a hyper-active go-get tom boy who could handily beat most men in combat. The main reason these two ended up together is because I didn't understand what "S support" meant early on, but I don't really regret the decision. 


I have no contextual knowledge of what is coming on here.

So while in Fire Emblem you have an Avatar character who you create, the closest character to your generic gaming everyman might just be Stahl. He is the aforementioned lazy and hungry, has no particular blood-lust, messy hair and overall just very normal. This might be one of the reasons I didn't mind losing him from the eugenic gene pool so early, but out of the two of them, I would've liked to see more of Stahl's interactions rather than Sully's. Fairly fun character, on my next run through I think I'd like to test him out on people like Tharja, Cordelia or Olivia, see who I can give that adorable cowlick to.


Left is Virion, who I will come to next.

Sully is also not a member of the Shepherds (Name of the group of adventurers/soldiers you lead) that I particularly regret marrying off early, as I imagine most of her supports go as above with Virion of, "Strong female woman doesn't want Male help before eventually warming up to it", though obviously on the next playthrough I would try and pair her up with some interesting people. Like maybe Lon'qu and Gaius if that is possible. Still, she is one hell of a Paladin.

Their Child: Kjelle

So this is Kjelle, Simon informs me his Kjelle kicks ass, but mine was recruited at a time when Stahl and Sully were suffering from neglect (ironically due to being married early and thus being low priority on my deployment list). My Kjelle is pretty cool though, she is a Great Knight now after some Master Seal advancing. Her personality is basically a more extreme version of her mothers, even more man-hate, even more strength, even more armour and stabbing. Her interactions with her parents are fairly interesting though, her interactions with My Unit are uggh, and I've yet to unlock any male Children, though as you'll see in the closing paragraph, I'm about to "create" one.

Next time: 

The man who constantly attempts to philander finds love with someone that isn't technically a woman
And Gregor find love in unusual place, yes?
(If you happened to draw this picture and want credit, please message me straight away).

((Next up is your weekly poetry, followed by some "serious Syria talk")


  1. I like Lissa "the girl most likely to snort", does she remind anyone else of Arya?

    1. Yeah, I thought that after her "am I suitable to be a princess" support with...Chrom? I think. Me and Simon were discussing the concept of an FE/GoT crossover a few days before I got Awakening.

      How do you rate it?

    2. Still getting to grips but have spotted a few potential GOT like characters, inevitable in the genre I suppose. (If you're interested Chrom-John Snow, Frederick-Robb Stark, Olivia-Sensa, Miriel-Danaerys).

    3. I've used very little Frederick, I'm actually thinking of a Fred/Olivia union. But when you put it like that, seems slightly wrong. I feel like Virion is some strange mix between Jaime Lannister and Syrio Forel. He confuses me greatly.

    4. I think if Tyrion had been born good looking he would be Virion.

  2. Re Stahl. The kittens in his heart (!) Have died of shame because being married to Sully
    makes him chew his fingers, and he fancies the raven haired beauty.

    1. I did consider that they might not be happy together. I think Kjelle would murder him if he ever cheated though. Raven-haired beauty is as nuts as she is exotic. Be warned.

    2. Nuts and exotic always sounded good to me.

  3. Someone invent a Game of Thrones console game (multiplayer), then sit back and watch the millions roll in.