Saturday, 27 April 2013

What About Cynics Podcast #3 - Rocket Racoon and The First Sad Attempt At A Podcast Feature

As usual, served ripe and on time, here's our weekly podcast that comes our every Monday. It's Friday I hear you say. Well I reply that it's been a very hard week since my mum just died, probably. Anything will do to take the heat off.

This week we're discussing some mighty fine topics, and sometimes less discussing and more just arguing and belittling each other's points till someone stops talking back. Included in this will be whether or not shittier characters of the Marvel Universe, such as Rocket Raccoon, will work in the shared Marvel Universe films. The answer is they won't. We also talk about movies, games, try out a new feature and very carefully try to answer questions from you guys, including the touchy subject of terrorism.

If you have any questions or stuff you won't us to talk about then put your questions down here, Youtube, or in the podcast section of the website and we'll get round to them.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. Rocket Raccoon might get popular enough to warrant his own franchise. Maybe an agents of shield role?