Sunday, 10 March 2013

The New and Improved What About Cynics Webcomic

A little update from the Webcomics side of whatever the hell this organisation is supposed to be. Our previous artist has been laid off for increasingly late turn in dates, stealing and drinking on the job. In order to rectify this we have decided to bring on board a new artist (in the loosest sense). He brings with him a new art style and hopefully some fresh ideas.

I present to you his first piece. The basic idea of the piece is that people want to fuck my grandmother who has been annoyingly deemed as a GILF. Enjoy it anyway. I'm sure there'll be more comics of this high quality on the way soon from our new contributor, the aptly named Semen Gobla.

Oh and Simon has short hair now if you need some context as to who the down syndrome Martin Freeman lookalike is.

Edit: My bad, I've been informed that apparently the person in the comic I believed was Simon is actually Chapman. Not sure if this reflects badly on me or worse on the guy that drew it.


  1. It's so bad it's almost good.

  2. I think this one might have been drinking on the job as well. Funny though